aparri-tribe-survivor-cagayan-CBS.jpgWhen we last left our “Survivor: Cagayan” castaways, two people went home — and if you haven’t read our interview with Lindsey, you really should because there’s … a lot of stuff happening there. Anyway, time for the merge!


The six Aparri members start talking about the merge and who they’re going to target first if the merge comes the next day. Trish or Jefra seem to be the names tossed out there, which surprises me. You’d think they would target whichever strong male doesn’t win Immunity, like Tony or LJ. Hmm.

They agree “Top 6,” but of course, that depends heavily on if someone can be poached. Kass is concerned about Sarah and Jeremiah and voices that to Sarah’s face, which Sarah takes offense at. Um, don’t be offended. Kass was just being honest and since you are the only Brawny who is in their tribe, then maybe you’re thinking about going back with your original people. It’s not a ridiculous concern, Sarah.

Kass and Sarah shake hands and say that they’re strong, but Kass still isn’t sure. Yeah, you have to keep an eye on her, especially since now Sarah seems to think that anybody being concerned about her flipping means she maybe should flip, which would just prove their point. Geez, Sarah. Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The Merge

Over at Solana, they get the merge treemail and set off for Aparri’s beach in their boat. Upon arrival, it’s time for the merge feast, but Spencer has his eyes on the prize — don’t forget it’s us vs. them.

THEN — there’s a message about an Idol with “different powers” hidden at camp. It’s not a clue, just information. Tony is gaming too; he wants that hidden Idol, he already has his own Immunity Idol and he knows he needs to get Sarah to flip if his alliance is to have a chance.

tony-sarah-survivor-cagayan-CBS.jpgLater, Tony, LJ and Woo try to figure out who the “head of the snake” is and decide it’s probably the Brains tribe collectively. Tony approaches Sarah and she says, “I’m honestly floating,” so — way to demonstrate exactly why Kass is nervous about you, dummy.

Honestly, at this point, I’d like to see Sarah go home and then it’s five-on-five. It’s not that I don’t appreciate someone who plays both sides, but Sarah isn’t playing smart. She has a tremendous opportunity here and she’s not doing the right thing. Tony asks her to swear on her badge and she should have just done it, but no. She says she can’t yet. Way to make Tony think you are maybe wishy-washy and untrustworthy.

She thinks she’s sitting pretty, but it doesn’t feel like she is. In fact, at this point in the episode, I feel like Sarah’s going to get got by the end.

Anyway, Sarah goes back to her Aparri people and Jeremiah says they shouldn’t target LJ because he thinks LJ has the Idol. Sarah makes a great point saying that a strong guy, like LJ or Woo, needs to be the target. She’s right. Jefra and Trish are terrible people to target.

Now, privately, Sarah says that if her alliance doesn’t go along with what she wants, she’ll flip. You are playing with fire, Sarah. Her hubris is going to take her down, even if I completely agree with her in regards to targeting a strong guy. Why take out Trish? What threat does she pose?

kass survivor cagayan 'Survivor: Cagayan': A Tribal Council for the ages because 'Chaos Kass' is crazyThe next morning, Kass and Sarah are still going at it — and they’re fighting in front of the former Solana members, which is a mistake. Trish hears it and her radar is pinging that the Aparri tribe may not be as strong as they all thought.

Tasha finally starts smacking some sense into Kass and Sarah, saying that they have to stay tight or they’re done for. But Kass still is not satisfied. She thinks Tasha took Sarah’s side and she thinks Sarah is a bully and blah blah. Shut up, Kass. You are wrong in this case — why on earth do you want to vote out Trish? And why not listen to the girl who spent 11 days with her who is saying she’s not a threat?

Immunity Challenge

It’s the challenge where they balance on a triangular platform, moving up to increasingly smaller footholds as it goes on. I predict Woo and Trish are good at this, based on their martial arts/pilates backgrounds.

Interestingly, by the time they get to the very top, everybody is still in it. But the top perch proves very, very difficult — it knocks off Spencer, Kass, LJ, Sarah, Jefra, Tasha, Trish, Jeremiah and then Morgan a little bit later after the first bunch of eliminations. It’s rather surprising to me about Tony, but then I guess he has a pretty low center of gravity and not huge feet, because he’s not very tall. Anyway, not a shock that Woo pulled that out.


Sarah is pushing hard for getting rid of someone “vital” in the game and she’s 100 percent correct. Getting rid of Jefra is a huge mistake, she’s a doofus who has no game at this point. Sarah says Tony or LJ needs to go and hopefully the Aparrians listen to her.

Meanwhile, the Solanas are nervous but Tony says he can get Sarah to flip over to vote with them. The only reason I don’t think he can is because she pointed out in an interview that she wants to go with the weaker competitors because it gives her a better chance and that’s a good strategy.

Back with Aparri, Sarah is guaranteeing that Tony doesn’t have an Idol. Hmm. We know that he does, but if they could play it cool and Sarah could convince the Solanas that she’s voting with them, Tony won’t play his Idol and he’s out. But Sarah probably isn’t stealthy enough to pull that off.

No sooner do I type that then Sarah tells Tony she’s not making a decision until Tribal Council. See, proving my point. Sarah thinks she’s the king of everything and she’s playing this completely wrong. In addition to this wishy-washiness, Trish is now poaching Kass because Kass doesn’t like being usurped by Sarah in her alliance.

So guess what Trish and Kass are discussing? Voting out Sarah. Um, no kidding. You have to be SO stealthy and smart to play both sides and Sarah isn’t good enough at this game to pull it out.

The Aparrians could have blindsided Tony with an Idol in his pocket, but now Sarah is the one getting blindsided. Oh, Sarah. You doof.

What’s Kass going to do? WHO KNOWS? Because she’s kind of crazy.

Tribal Council

Not a lot of fireworks during the Q&A — until Tony just blurts out that he has an Idol and then shows it off. Tony says it’s a community Idol, he could give it to anyone. And the six Aparrians are like crapping themselves. They change their vote to “the other one” and the Solanas whisper “keep it the same.” I’m not entirely sure what all that means at this point, honestly, but this should be interesting.

We, of course, do not get to see any votes during the casting, then Tony plays his Idol for LJ. Interesting. But THEN — LJ plays his Idol for Tony. Wow. So, did the Aparrians switch to LJ? The vote
s go Jefra (ruh roh, Solana), Sarah, Jefra, Sarah, Jefra, Sarah, Jefra, Sarah, Jefra, Sarah and … SARAH. Wow.

That’s kind of outstanding. Wow. How bonkers was that Tribal Council? Of course, Kass totally just screwed herself because her old alliance won’t trust her but she’s low woman on the totem pole in the new alliance.

Again, Sarah had the right idea about how to handle her position, but she did it completely wrong.

Next week: Morgan and Kass have words, as everybody goes crazy looking for the Idol with “different powers.”

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