morgan alexis kass survivor cagayan 'Survivor: Cagayan': Someone quits in the strangest fashion, while the tribes start to gelThis week, it’s the weirdest quitting of “Survivor” we’ve ever seen but after two castaways are gone, each tribe seems to be fairly unified. Should be interesting when they merge.


In the wake of the blindside, Lindsey lambasts her tribemates for screwing things up “majorly,” but that remains to be seen. It certainly screws up Lindsey’s game, but we don’t know if that was a negative thing yet for Trish and Tony.

Lindsey gets personal, telling Trish she hates everything about her. Lindsey calls her a bully in an interview, but honestly? That’s just some inflammatory language (at least from what we’ve seen via the editing). Trish hasn’t bullied anybody, she’s just playing her own game (which is what you do).

lindsey-ogle-survivor-cagayan-CBS.jpgBut then Lindsey gets on the coconut phone to call Jeff Probst. She claims that when they got back to camp, Trish was saying “awful” things to her. Um, what? Not that we saw. And if that fight was going to precipitate this meltdown, presumably the editors would have shown Trish being awful.

Lindsey is worried about what she’ll do to Trish, which speaks to perhaps larger mental issues that Trish has. This really just smacks of her not getting her way in terms of who got voted out/alliance and now she wants to quit because she’s mad (and unstable).

LJ calls Lindsey the “volatile zit waiting to pop.” Ew. But also, not inaccurate. Kudos to her for recognizing her instability, we guess? But this is the weirdest quit in “Survivor” history.

Either way, the tribe mostly seems happy to have her gone, so perhaps there was a lot more to her particular brand of crazy than we were shown on the show thus far. Woo is a little nervous, though, because Cliff and Lindsey were his alliance.

Reward Challenge

It’s a face-off game, where you try to knock your opponent’s Idol off a hand-held pedestal. The winning tribe gets to send two members to the other camp to steal their stuff.

The first round is Spencer vs. Woo and hilariously, Spencer is aggressive and goes for it, taking the point. It’s one of those things where if you can get your Idol to go up in the air as you lunge, the other person’s Idol will hit the sand first. That’s what Spencer did.

Trish scores for Solana, then Sarah wins for Aparri, so it’s 2-1 going into LJ vs. Jeremiah. They’re playing to four points. Solana scores via LJ, though Jeremiah allllmost makes a really good save. Morgan has to go against Tony and they both just charge each other like bulls, but Morgan’s Idol hits the sand a split second before Tony’s. Spencer and Woo rematch in what could be the winning point for Solana — and it is.

tony vlachos survivor cagayan 'Survivor: Cagayan': Someone quits in the strangest fashion, while the tribes start to gelTony and Woo take off for Aparri’s beach to do some plundering. The instructions give them parameters for what they can take, plus offer an Immunity Idol clue. Tony decides to pretend that the message says pick someone to get an Idol clue, so he and Woo give the “clue” to Jeremiah, but it doesn’t apply to the Aparri beach. Ooooh, that is dastardly.

They take the fishing gear and blankets (they couldn’t steal the rice, of course). When they get back, he and Woo tell the Solanas about the Idol clue and what they did to Jeremiah, which everybody thinks is awesome. He also confesses to being a cop because now he feels comfortable in this tribe. But all of this honesty is making LJ feel a little nervous about Tony (as it should).

As an aside: Somebody wrote “Shame on you, Lindsie (sic)” in the sand on Solana’s beach.


Alexis was already suspicious of Jeremiah, but now he’s got an Idol clue, so she decides to work on the Brainiacs. She’s not dumb, so she approaches Spencer first. Luckily, he’s not dumb either, so he sees that Alexis is perhaps phony and not to be trusted. Good on you, Spencer. Keep your head in the game.

Meanwhile, Jeremiah is trying to do damage control, by saying why would one of them get an Idol clue if their tribe lost, plus it’s the same clue from when he was in the Beauty tribe. Alexis and Spencer aren’t sure they buy it that Tony set Jeremiah up. Wow, Tony really pulled off a baller move with that ruse.

Immunity Challenge

They build a staircase with poles, race through a multi-level bamboo maze, go through a rip obstacle, chop wood with a machete and then do a puzzle. It’s not a “stages” thing, where different people do different things; it’s an all-team race.

Solana seems to be having trouble with the idea that the pieces need to go from short to tall for the staircase. The course is also super muddy, which is a lot of fun. Aparri is off to a decent lead right from the staircase and it only increases when Tony struggles with the machete lock for Solana.

However, Solana catches up on the puzzle and takes Immunity. They definitely needed it, since they’re down two members. Tony’s yelling about “Top 5, baby,” but, uh, if you merge next week, it’s going to be 6-5, so don’t count your chickens, fella. Especially since you couldn’t have been louder with shouting about your alliance and Sarah is no longer with you, doofus. If she’s smart, she’ll get with Tasha, Kass and Spencer and convince the two ditzy girls to oust Jeremiah.

jeremiah wood survivor cagayan 'Survivor: Cagayan': Someone quits in the strangest fashion, while the tribes start to gelPre-Tribal

Back at camp, the Aparrians are quite suspicious about Tony shouting about “Top 5,” though weirdly Alexis and Morgan assume the one person Tony thinks is with them is Jeremiah. Why wouldn’t they think it’s Sarah?!

Spencer is not sure Jeremiah is the biggest liability to his game, so while Morgan, Alexis and Sarah are going to vote Jeremiah, he’s not so sure. The Brainiacs convene but we don’t really know what they are leaning toward.

Frankly, if you can be unified behind ousting Jeremiah, that’s what you should do. You need to go into the merge as a solid tribe, particularly if the Solanas are as tight as Tony’s shouting would have you believe.

Tribal Council

The tribe says that perhaps it’s not three Brains, three Beauties and then Sarah with no one, then Spencer echoes exactly what I just typed — they need to be unified. At this point, I feel like it’s Jeremiah going home. Tony really screwed him with that Idol thing. There’s some more talking about who is most likely to flip, but I’m convinced it’s just filler for time. Jeremiah’s going home 6-1.

The votes go Jeremiah, Alexis, Alexis (WHOA), Alexis and Alexis. Wow, you guys. Totally did not see that coming. The editors did a good job with that one, I had no idea. Did you see it coming?

Next week: The merge! Yesssss. Which way will Sarah go? Also, in her exit speech, Alexis is genuinely devastated to be going home. Aww, don’t cry!

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