survivor-cagayan-our-time-to-shine-CBS.JPGPreviously on “Survivor: Cagayan,” the Brains finally didn’t lose an Immunity Challenge, but unfortunately, Brice Johnston fell victim to that when his Beauty Tribe lost and voted him out.

The Beauties

Morgan knows she’s on teh bottom, so she has nothing to lose, which causes her to confront Jeremiah in front of the entire tribe about approaching her and Brice to vote out someone from the other side of the tribe. Morgan then privately tells Alexis how Jeremiah switched his focus from voting out LJ to voting out Alexis and she seems to believe Morgan.

We doubt it’ll affect anything if the Beauties go back to Tribal. The two sheep-like girls will definitely stay with LJ and Jeremiah, but at least Morgan is trying to do something.

The Reward Challenge

It’s the always-awesome caller stands on a platform, the rest of the tribe is stumbling around blindfolded challenge. The extra added trick is that once they retrieve the objects they are supposed to retrieve, they have to hoist them up a pulley system while blindfolded. Should be fun. The first tribe gets three hens and a rooster, while the second-place tribe gets a dozen eggs. Tasha is calling for the Brains, Alexis is calling for the Beauties and Cliff is calling for the Brawnies.

survivor cagayan time to shine reward challenge Survivor: Cagayan: The Brains cant even win when a tribe <i>throws a competition</i>In the course of the challenge, there are some unfortunately-placed barriers that the men keep knocking their lil’ bits on, it’s quite painful to watch. Also, the callers sound insane, particularly Tasha. She is screaming like a crazy person.

The Beauties and Brains seem to have an easier time at things than the Brawnies and the Beauties win pretty easily. The Brains seem to have second place sewn up, but they completely implode at the hoisting portion and the Brawns take second. So, the Brains continue to suck at life, which is kind of hilarious since their crazy-pants J’Tia dumped all their rice in the fire.


Jeremiah finds the Hidden Idol clue in the reward stuff by just reaching into the feed bag for the chickens and pulling it out all bold as brass. Dude. Sure, LJ has the Idol, so it doesn’t matter, but goodness. Way to be stealthy! Also, LJ isn’t worried that someone will go looking for the Idol and then wonder why it’s not there. We would be worried about that.

Also, there’s an awesome conversation where no one really knows how baby chicks happen. Alexis actually says, “So the eggs just keep happening?” LJ kind of makes fun of the girls for being dumb, but dude — you don’t really know either.

Then it’s feast time. Jeremiah wrings the rooster’s neck so they can eat him, while Morgan privately makes fun of him for not being very beautiful and “dumb as rocks.” Oh, that’s rich. None of you Beauties really get to cast the “dumb” stone.

Meanwhile, over at Brawnies, Sarah doesn’t want Cliff to stick around because he’s well-liked and also doesn’t need the money because he played in the NBA, plus Sarah says Cliff is too lackadaisical around camp.

She suggests to Woo throwing Immunity in order to get Cliff out and Woo seems on board. Hmm. Gotta say, tanking Immunity is risky, especially with three tribes. You want to go into the merge with as many people as you possibly can. Sarah weirdly says that they can’t merge into “two tribes” and still have Cliff there. Um, you probably aren’t going to merge into two tribes, doof.

But anyway, Tony is also on board with this plan, but Woo starts to have second thoughts once they realize the Immunity Challenge is shooting-related, as in basketball, so Cliff should have a lot of say in whether they can throw the competition or not. Trish is also unsure. Hmm. It’ll be interesting to see if they can pull this off (the throwing part).

survivor cagayan immunity challenge time to shine Survivor: Cagayan: The Brains cant even win when a tribe <i>throws a competition</i>Immunity Challenge

The challenge is diving down to buoys, then throwing them into a basket that is about a dozen feet away. The first buoy is only three feet down and both the Brains and Brawnies struggle with it, though the Brawnies aren’t exactly trying their best. The Brains have no excuse, though.

Spencer is the only Brainiac worth a darn, he manages to get all their buoys up and keep them in the competition. The Beauties, meanwhile, have already won at this point. But it’s the Brawnies vs. the Brains for second place — which really means it’s Cliff vs. Spencer, which also means it’s pretty much over at this point because Cliff is a better shooter than Spencer.

Spencer’s problem is that J’Tia and Kass are his rebounders and they suck at it. He’s not a bad shooter, but he’s no match for an NBA player. He possibly had enough time to pull this out if his rebounders had been better about getting him the balls back because the Brawnies weren’t trying especially hard to release their buoys.

So, can we count on crazy J’Tia going home finally?


Spencer is pretty frustrated and he has every right to feel that way. He’s on a tribe full of losers, honestly. They might be smart, but they aren’t able to use their smarts in physical challenges, which is inherent flaw in this season’s twist. The Brains can’t use their best asset until the merge, while the physical teams (the strong people and the pretty people who happen to take good care of themselves) are dominating because challenges are largely physical.

Spencer is worried he’s going home because he’s a huge threat and that’s a big concern. Kass and Tasha have a big decision to make — keep J’Tia, who is very loyal and also no threat to win anything and/or be likable, or keep Spencer, who can help win challenges, but who is perhaps not that loyal and is super likable and a huge threat to switch allegiances when they merge. Hmm.

Tribal Council

Tasha lays it right there — J’Tia has been weak in challenges. They have to find the most minimal role for her in challenges. Ouch. But also, not untrue.

Spencer speaks up for himself and says he’s loyal and wants to help win challenges. He desperately wants Tasha and Kass to keep him, and it’s kind of sad to watch. Not sad that he’s appealing to them to keep him, but sad because he obviously loves “Survivor” and he’s absolutely right that he never really got to play the game. Fingers crossed for Spencer.

The votes go J’Tia, Spencer, J’Tia and J’Tia. Wow, good for you guys! That seems like a smart decision on Kass and Tasha’s part and it’s heartwarming to see how grateful Spencer is to still be there. He’s a nice kid who tries really hard, so maybe he, Tasha and Kass can make a run as a trio.

Next week: They’re doing away with the twist already, since obviously it was really favoring some tribes over others.

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