kass-mcquillen-survivor-cagayan-CBS-finale.jpgKass McQuillen was eliminated at the “Survivor: Cagayan” Final 3, in a bit of a surprise move on Woo Hwang’s part. She tells Zap2it that it wasn’t a complete surprise to her, though, and she thinks she had a chance to beat either finalist if she’d been sitting in the Final 2.

Zap2it: Are you glad you did “Survivor,” even if it didn’t turn out exactly the way you wanted it to?
Kass McQuillen: Of course I’m glad, are you kidding me? I had a blast. I’m a huge fan of the show. I walked out of there smiling, it was a wonderful experience.

Were you surprised that Woo didn’t take you to the finals? Because that surprised us a little.

I wasn’t surprised at Tribal because I did not get the trademark Woo wink that I would get whenever we voted together. He couldn’t look me in the eye prior to Tribal, so I kind of knew he was not going to take me, and I was more sorry for him, knowing how fans are and knowing what the jury would probably do to him for doing that, because he really is a nice guy. I really felt like he threw his game out the window. He had a shot against me. I think I might have beaten him, we’ll never know. But I was disappointed for him too, to not make a move.

Speaking of that vote, the jury said at the reunion that they would have given Woo the money over you. Do you think that is really the case? Did that surprise you at all?

I’m not surprised that that happened at the reunion show, but I think eight months ago, or however many months it’s been, on the beach it’s a different story. There’s a lot of revisionism out there. I heard that at Ponderosa it was 4 to 5 and all I had to do was sway one person. Whether that’s true or not, I might have been able to do that.
… I think I could’ve given both boys a run for their money, and I would have had fun doing it. I would have probably owned the game in a manner that was not apologetic.

You mentioned during the final episode that you felt like there was a double standard for you playing aggressively and that people didn’t like your game play because you’re a woman. Do you still feel that way?
Oh, certainly, yes. Tony’s out there swearing on people’s graves and babies and everything, being a true scoundrel and being abrasive at camp. People discussed a lot out there how misogynistic he was and condescending toward the women he was out there on the beach. So if I could have sat next to him or even next to Woo and said you guys all think he’s a great strategist, but he’s just as insulting and just as personal and disliked, but because he’s a man you can overlook that. But because I’m a woman, I’m a b****. When I stab you in the back, it’s personal, but when Tony does it, it’s game. It was never personal with me. I never voted anyone out for personal reasons.

That’s interesting because we just spoke with Tony and he said that he was not personal, but your game play was malicious and personal.

That shows you the mindset. You see it in the game, like Morgan — everybody said Kass wanted Morgan out, but it was was right there on your screen, I didn’t want Morgan out, I wanted Tasha out. Yes, Morgan was being petulant and entitled and mean to me, but I can live with that. I can’t live with a challenge beast. …

I think probably Tony is more emotional than me, really, like in terms of getting rid of Jefra when we could have gotten rid of Spencer. Very dangerous move. Yes, she was plotting against you, but we all are, Tony. We’re all plotting against each other, that’s the game. Get rid of Spencer, he’s kicking our butts. That was a horrible move on his part, so who’s more emotional? Tony being, “Oh, you’re going to get me out, so I’m going to get you out,” or me saying, “Yeah, you’re being mean, but I’m going to keep you because I know I’m going to beat you down the road.” I need to get rid of the people who are truly playing the game. But that’s men for you, they’re going to call me emotional. [Tony] was scared to death, I probably would have kicked his butt. I certainly beat him at challenges and that’s hilarious, so yeah.

Would you go back on “Survivor”? We’ve seen some people online saying Kass and her husband for “Blood vs. Water 2.”

I would go back, but I don’t think I’d want to play with my husband. My husband is like Woo, he has a lot of integrity, he’s a great person, and I don’t wanna put my husband through the psychological warfare that is “Survivor.” I would love to do “Amazing Race” with my husband … we’re yin and yang and I don’t want to see him on “Survivor” because he’s a great guy. And I would have to cut my own husband’s throat out there if it was “Blood vs. Water.” I would play with my mother, though, because she’s as bad as me [laughs].

“Survivor” returns for “Blood vs. Water 2” in the fall on CBS.

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