spencer bledsoe survivor cagayan finale 'Survivor: Cagayan's' Spencer Bledsoe hasn't read his letter from Jeff Probst yetFan-favorite Spencer Bledsoe was voted out of “Survivor: Cagayan” at Final 4, which he tells Zap2it was not a surprise. He also says he’s glad he stood up for Tony at the final Tribal Council because he thought Tony deserved to win.

Zap2it: As a fan, you must be thrilled about the experience, even if it didn’t quite turn out the way you wanted it to.
Spencer Bledsoe: I was so glad I got to do “Survivor.” I thought the editing was really good on our season and it was a dream come true. Going out there, day one, I just repeatedly had to slap myself and say holy crap, I’m on “Survivor,” it was an incredible experience. It was awesome.

Did you think you had a shot of making it through to the Final 3 or were you pretty sure Tony was going to vote you out?

Going into that Tribal, I thought the odds were stacked against me. I thought more likely than not Tony was going to decide to vote me out. I got a little bit of good luck when Kass was telling Tony how she would take Woo to the end and Tony kind of looked like he was reconsidering things. But overall, I felt like there wasn’t much I could argue. I tried to make the only case I thought I could make, but I definitely was not optimistic.

How has the fan response been so far, because it looks like you are extremely popular with the viewers.
That aspect of it has been incredibly overwhelming, pretty unexpected and pleasantly surprising. I thought the reception would be pretty warm, but I didn’t  think it would be as warm as it’s been. The feeling of the audience at the live reunion show cheering for me was really cool, something I never thought would be part of my “Survivor” experience. The experience itself, going out and filming and playing the game, was everything I could have hoped for and this is just icing on the cake.

The moment during the live reunion with Jeff Probst and the letter he wrote to you was really neat, will you tell us anything that he wrote?
You know what, I haven’t actually opened it. I’m still doing all these interviews and I’m sleep-deprived and I want to take a moment and find a good time. I know that’s a shame to hear, but I haven’t read it yet. [laughs] It’s a letter from Probst! I have to take my time, I have to read it in the right setting. You know that once I do, I’m going to carry that thing around with me all the time [laughs], it’s going to be my security blanket.

Were you surprised Tony got as many votes as he did?

No, I wasn’t surprised. I think it was a situation where a lot of people were on the fence, but I think that overall, the sentiment was that we were annoyed with Tony, we think he was a bit unlikable, but at the same time, we respect his game. If you look at his game and compare it to Woo’s side-by-side, it’s pretty much the same game, the only difference is Tony was calling the shots, so I think he had a very compelling case against Woo.

We liked it when you made your case for Tony at the final Tribal, because we hate when the jury is bitter and doesn’t reward good game play.
It’s tough because some people would argue that it’s not a juror’s place to do that, that the juror shouldn’t be talking to his peers like that and I understand that, but from my perspective, it was really important to me that the right guy won and I thought that was Tony 100 percent. I wanted it bad enough as a fan — if I’m not going to win, I really want the better story as an outcome, so it was important enough for me that I was willing to do what I could to have a little influence there.

We’ve seen fans online already calling for you to be invited back for “Blood vs. Water,” would you consider it if “Survivor” asked?
Oh yeah, definitely — “Blood vs. Water” or otherwise. I would definitely consider it. You’re crazy if you have an experience like this and you wouldn’t at least consider going back because it’s a really awesome thing.

Which family member would you most want to play with?
I think I would enjoy playing with my sister Taran and I think for similar reasons that I brought her on the loved one visit. We would fight sometimes as kids, so I think it would be a good opportunity to connect more and share an experience together. But that said, my mom would be really good too. You saw on the live show that she’s pretty good at the one-line zingers, so she would be good.

“Survivor” Season 29 returns with “Blood vs. Water 2” in the fall on CBS>

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