fans survivor caramoan 'Survivor: Caramoan': A medical evacuation and an alliance turns on one of its ownWhen we last left our intrepid “Survivor: Caramoan” castaways, the Fans were coming apart at the seams, mostly because Shamar is being kind of insane. Can the Fans get their mojo back and even things up?


After Tribal, Eddie and Reynold are … basically mad that they got played. Their argument about Laura vs. Hope is valid — Laura is pretty weak. But the other people have an alliance and you aren’t a part of it. Which is mostly your own fault. You guys made your Cool Kids alliance on day one and failed to count that four people is not a majority on a tribe of 10. Yes, Eddie, you are screwed. Stop being such a sore loser. You got played. Be a grown up.


Phillip decides it is in his best interest to dole out nicknames and welcome the outsiders to Stealth R Us. Basically, this alliance contains everyone at this point. It’s pretty silly, but Brandon is over the moon. He thinks he has “infiltrated” Phillip’s alliance. These two are just ridiculous.

Reward Challenge

It’s a pretty cool race that involves transporting tribe members on planks that other members hold, then getting everyone up on a small platform. The reward is a local bushman coming to camp to help them learn how to survive better, plus bringing with him a chicken and fruits and veggies.

The Faves sit out Cochran, which seems kind of silly. Why would you sit out one of your smallest tribe members when you all have to cram onto a platform together? They would still have enough strong people for the plank portion of the race.

The tribes are pretty even, until Laura gets in the mix. She’s terrible at going across the planks. Have some guts, girl. Push yourself. At the platform, the Faves go for a circle of standing people, while the Fans go for a weird pile on Shamar. That was a terrible idea, his mass was taking up the entire platform. He should’ve been in the middle like Phillip, with people clinging to him, but with room on the platform for their feet.

Bikal’s Reward

The bushman is this hilarious, tiny man — Malcolm calls him a Filipino gollum. We aren’t sure we’d go that far, but he’s definitely a character.

Meanwhile, back at Gota, Shamar is back to lying in the shelter all day long. It really does look like he just does absolutely nothing. Just because you’re big doesn’t mean you’re having a harder time than the rest of them. And you don’t get to be some bully who demands that people feed you in exchange for not quitting. Sherri — do not give in to him! Laura is absolutely right. Shamar is a baby.

That night, a terrible storm blows through and it leaves the Fans’ morale pretty low. Shamar decides he’s had enough because he scratched his eye, so he calls in Probst and medical. The medical team tells him he has a scratch on his eye and that he should leave the game. Hmm.

OK, it’s not like you want to take a risk with your eyesight, but he’s such the Boy Who Cried Wolf. It’s hard to summon up any sympathy. Plus, we’re sure he’s fine now. So, blech — good riddance.

Immunity Challenge

It’s a swim to the platform, smash a tile, retrieve a key for five of the tribe members. Then the last two use the keys to unlock sandbags and then throw the sandbags at some blocks to knock them off. Corinne and Dawn sit out for the Faves.

The Fans get a bit of a lead because Sherri doesn’t smash her tile all the way on her first try, so the Faves have a one-key lead the entire way through the race portion. Phillip and Cochran are going to unlock and throw the sandbags.

Laura and Reynold are the sandbaggers for the Fans — Laura struggles with the locks because of course she does. Reynold manages to make up a ton of ground for the Fans, as Phillip struggles to get his last couple blocks knocked down. But Phillip pulls it out, as Reynold only has five blocks left. That’s hard.

So, Sherri really blew that. The Fans would have had that in the bag if they hadn’t missed that first key.

Now comes the typical “Survivor” conundrum — keep the tribe strong (boot Laura), or keep your alliance fully intact (boot Eddie).

For us, it depends on if you think Eddie and Reynold will be loyal when there’s a merge. If you think they’ll flip, get rid of them, no matter how much Laura stinks at challenges. If you think they’ll be loyal, boot Laura and try to win some Immunities.

Pre Tribal

Matt gets with Mike and says they have to win challenges, which means Laura needs to go. Mike isn’t sure he’s down with that, since it’s taking out someone who is loyal to them. Meanwhile, Reynold doesn’t know if he can trust this plan, so he feels like he should play the Idol just in case.

Sherri’s pretty nervous about this plan because it leaves the women very outnumbered. Yeah, it doesn’t behoove her or Julia to vote out Laura. As long as she’s around, they always have a vote and they always have a person to keep the target off their backs. That’s key. Mike is really the swing vote here and we would wager he sticks with the alliance.

Tribal Council

Jeff gets all the perspectives about who is the best person to vote our. Sherri maintains that they have Eddie and Reynold and STILL haven’t been winning challenges. There’s not much to it — we know where everybody stands. It’s really all down to how Mike votes.

During the vote, we only see Eddie vote for Laura and Laura vote for Reynold. Then Reynold plays his Idol. Ruh-roh. The votes go Laura, Laura, Reynold, Laura and Laura. So Mike went with the men. Interesting.

This could be a great move for them, if they can all stay loyal after a merge. Time will tell.

Next week: Brandon loses his ever-loving mind (if he ever had one to begin with).

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