corinne phillip survivor caramoan 'Survivor: Caramoan': It's Corinne vs. Phillip when the tribes mergeSo, not only is Wednesday’s (April 3) “Survivor: Caramoan” episode the awesome food-eating challenge, but the title of the episode indicates a blindside. We can’t wait!


Following Tribal, Michael is so grateful to still be around (at least, that’s how he’s acting, which is the only way you can act in his position). Corinne crows that she “made sure she got the gay.” Ugh, lady. Stop calling him The Gay like he’s your pet monkey.

Meanwhile, Phillip clues Corinne and Dawn in on “throwing” the challenge. Corinne knows he’s full of bull, but she just nods and smiles. Seriously, Phillip is too much. He’s absolutely delusional. Corinne wins some serious points from us when she says he’s “cuckoo for cocoa puffs.” Hee.

The Merge

The Bikal members are ready for a merge, especially Dawn. She’s having a hard time of it, worried that she’s going to let her game go down the tubes like last time. We like Dawn, we’d like to see her go far.

When Gota arrives, the merge feast commences and everybody’s (momentarily) happy with each other and their shiny, new green buffs. Malcolm hilariously suggests “Enil Edam” as the new tribe name, which he claims means “new beginning.” It’s actually his mom’s name backwards, Madeline. That’s amazing.

Meanwhile, Phillip cannot rest for even a moment. He tells Andrea she has to go with him, Dawn and Cochran — and pretend they’re Boston Rob, that’s what he tells himself when lying in bed at night. We fear that’s actually true, both on the show and at home.

And Corinne is busy reaching out for a different alliance, since Phillip hates her and is crazy. Malcolm says they’ve got Reynold, Eddie and Erik, and she’s got Michael, so that’s six. That’s all they need. That’s a really good move for Corinne and Michael.

The Immunity Challenge

The eat-gross-things-and-barf challenge! We have to say, we think we could handle a lot of the things they throw at them on “Survivor” — but the balut? The baby duck in the egg? That’s a bridge too far for us. That’s disgusting.

Sorry, we know it’s just a matter of degrees when you’re talking about eating meat in general, or eating brains, or veal, and where do you draw the line, but the baby chick in the egg just gets to us. There’s absolutely no. way.

Anyway. Jeff intros this as a “‘Survivor’ classic.” Fo sho, this is an outstanding challenge.

Round 1 is Corinne, Erik, Malcolm, Eddie, Andrea and Sherri. First three to finish move on. They’re eating live beetle larvae, which — that’s awful. The things should be dead, y’all. We don’t mean from an eating standpoint, we mean from a humane standpoint. Horrible.

Andrea, Malcolm and Eddie move on, though the other three gave it the old college try.

Next up is Dawn, Brenda, Reynold, Phillip, Michael and Cochran. They get the same thing. Cochran eats his like a boss and advances, followed by Phillip and Michael, though Dawn was so close. No surprise Reynold couldn’t do it — he talks a good game, but he’s kind of a wuss.

Round 2 is Andrea, Cochran, Phillip, Michael, Malcolm and Eddie eating “ship worms.” We totally thought Probst called them something else and had to back up the DVR. Heh. They’re part of the clam family.

Malcolm and Eddie, like, just swallow their worms whole, followed by Cochran. Wow. Round 3 is balut and everybody is thoroughly grossed out. Cochran, though, like a boss again. Seriously, what is happening?! Cochran is my hero. Eddie chokes on his and Malcolm advances.

The final round starts and Probst goes, “Cochran! In the finals! Of an Immunity Challenge! This is David and Goliath.” C’mon, Jeff. You know you love him. Malcolm says he’s “ginger Kobayashi,” meaning the guy who power-eats for a living, but we like to think Malcolm meant the F. Murray Abraham Pete Postlethwaite character from “Usual Suspects.”

Anyway. Final round is pig brains. Oh, that’s nothing compared to balut. Seriously, nothing. We’ve eaten brains, it doesn’t taste gross at all. The balut is way worse — there are feathers and a beak! And then COCHRAN WINS IMMUNITY! That’s amazing and you know this means so much to him, as such a huge fan of the show. We’d be totally geeking out too. Good for him, love Cochran.

Pre Tribal

Cochran apologizes for his excessive celebration, though nobody seems to begrudge him his win at all. Everybody adores Cochran, he’s such a lovable underdog. Aww. Even Malcolm’s happy for him, though he’s just a touch snotty talking about Cochran’s “bucket list.”

So Malcolm goes to work on his Eddie/Reynold/Erik alliance, which he knows Corinne and Michael are down with. Meanwhile, Phillip whispers to Corinne that they should split votes between Eddie and Reynold. She argues that they should vote for Sherri because nobody likes her, but Phillip wants to flush the Idol plus get a big fish out.

He won’t listen to her at all and she’s pretty much done with Phillip, so Corinne goes to Andrea, Dawn and Cochran to say they should just vote for Sherri and be done with it. Her not wanting to target Eddie or Reynold has Cochran’s radar pinging a little, but he’s not going to make waves.

However, Corinne then brings Dawn into the fold with her all-guy alliance, which is a huge mistake. Corinne really should’ve just sat on her hands at this point. Loose lips sink ships, Corinne.

Dawn’s not sure what to do with her new-found information, so she runs to Cochran to spill the beans about Corinne’s machinations and the two of them put their heads together. They get Andrea, who talks to Phillip and Erik, and Phillip gets Sherri.

But Malcolm also talks to Erik about voting out Sherri, and Erik suddenly realizes he’s the swing vote, which gives him a lot of power. Except he doesn’t know what to do with it, because as we’ve seen, Erik is a giant doofus.

Tribal Council

Since the episode promises a blindside, we have to think Corinne is in for a surprise. And she does admit at Tribal that she’s open to the fans’ ideas. It’s not just a done deal for the favorites. She also (forebodingly) says every Favorite is just “waiting to get punched in the face.” Uh huh.

During the vote, we see Phillip and Andrea vote Corinne and Corinne votes for Sherri, snottily telling her she’s not looking for applications for new friends. Michael also votes for Sherri.

The votes go Sherri, Sherri, Sherri, Sherri, Sherri and then Corinne, Corinne, Corinne, Corinne, Corinne, Corinne and Corinne. She looks pretty shocked.

Next week: A love connection between Eddie and Andrea?!

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