survivor caramoan julia michael 'Survivor: Caramoan': Julia makes some 'foo paws,' Phillip throws some razzle dazzleIt appears as though the “Survivor: Caramoan” switcheroo is really going to favor the Faves — and also the new Gota tribe. Bikal is kind of a hot mess. Can Bikal bounce back this week?


After Tribal, Corinne is making a huge play for Michael to align with her and get rid of Phillip, but she’s not sure the time is right. Meanwhile, Phillip’s radar is pinging because Corinne is talking to Michael and he wants her gone.

They get Tree Mail about the challenge being for the strong, so naturally, Phillip is like, “I got this. I’m a He-Man.” And he proves that by showing that he can dead-lift Cochran, which is like proving you’re the smartest person by solving the maze on the back of the cereal box. But OK. Whatever makes you feel good.

Phillip’s got the will of a lion and the determination of a gorilla, you see. He’s got this.

Reward Challenge

It’s the run-around-a-course-in-the-water challenge, where you are carrying sandbags. Whoever came up with this is a genius. This is a great challenge. And we also don’t think Bikal stands a chance. The reward is coffee, cookies and brownies.

Both tribes start off by walking, with Corinne wondering why they aren’t running. Phillip tries to jog for a minute, then says they should walk because “the girls will tire.” Hmph. Meanwhile, Gota is gaining on Bikal and Phillip is refusing to run, saying he’s tired. Uh, dude. You can’t conserve your energy for the weight as the other tribe gets closer and closer.

Dawn drops for Bikal — why aren’t they kicking Phillip out? Kick his butt off the challenge! And then just like that, Gota catches Bikal. Phillip totally blew that. That is all on him. He should’ve dropped out so they could run. Michael could’ve taken his weight.

Dawn hilariously calls the reward a “diarrhea-fest.” Awesome. We don’t even think she’s being sour grapey about it. She’s just kind of speaking the truth.


Reynold is being his usual obnoxious self, while Malcolm revels in the fact they “win challenges and party,” but he’s apparently getting his pieces ready to take control of the game. It’ll be interesting to see if he can.

Meanwhile, back at Bikal, Phillip is making excuses, while Corinne is blaming the whole thing on Phillip, calling him a “tubby lunchbox.” Heh. Corinne is at least hilarious, even if she’s pretty obnoxious too.

But she has a point — everybody’s getting sick of his “I’m the best” attitude. Cochran doesn’t know what to do. Meanwhile, Phillip thinks he has recruited Julia as a double agent and that
he’ll keep her in the game if she feels like she’s in trouble.

Later, she tells Dawn what’s going on and that she feels a little bullied by Phillip. She wonders to Dawn if they could just overthrow Phillip. Yes, hello! But then Dawn runs and tells Phillip about what Julia told her! Dawn! Ughhhh, we want to like you, lady.

Back from the reward, Reynold approaches Malcolm about aligning with himself and Eddie. That woudln’t be a bad idea for Malcolm, actually. You gotta align with the strong guys so that they don’t target you, but also, Malcolm is way more likable than those bozos, so if they all go to the end, he’s going to win. Reynold also tells Malcolm about his Idol, and Malcolm does not reciprocate.

Afterwards, Malcolm is pretty cat-who-ate-the-canary. Will it come back to bite him? Hmm.

Immunity Challenge

They’re taking a boat to get a statue, then using grappling hooks to retrieve keys, unlocking the tower and pulling the statue to the top of the tower. Gota sits out Sherri.

During the boating/diving portion, the two tribes are surprisingly neck-and-neck, though Bikal almost tips their boat. Twice. Gota has a lead heading into the grappling hooks, but it’s not a huge lead.

However, Reynold quickly hooks three keys and Phillip has none. He manages to catch up a little, but Reynold gets the fifth key and that’s all she wrote. Gota wins again.

Pre Tribal

Phillip says he didn’t want to win the challenge so they could get rid of one of the Fans. Uh huh. Cochran knows he’s full of it, but also knows better than to call Phillip out on his crazy delusions. Cochran’s talking-head during all of this is hilarious — “the spy’s basic tool.”

We would imagine watching “Survivor” with Cochran would be really fun.

The plan is to split the Fave votes between Julia and Michael, but Corinne thinks that’s a terrible idea. She doesn’t want to alienate Michael, insisting they need him in the case of a merge, while Phillip just bosses everybody around and says they should split the votes.

He hilariously says he won’t be bullied — as he is bullying Corinne. So then Phillip has a problem with Corinna’s love for Michael being greater than her love for Phillip. Cochran predicts a great Phillip/Corinne showdown at Tribal. We can only hope.

Tribal Council

Probst doesn’t really poke that particular bear, though, which is kind of disappointing. He more is interested in wondering what Michael and Julia’s arguments are for being kept around. Weaksauce. We were hoping for some fireworks.

The votes end in a 3-3 tie. During the re-vote, Julia gets the votes and is dispatched. Yeah, that’s the right choice (over Michael), though Phillip really blew the challenges this week.

Next week: The merge! And a food-eating competition. Excellent. Those are the best.

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