survivor caramoan malcolm bro down 'Survivor: Caramoan': Malcolm and Reynold's bro down hoedownIn the “Survivor” previouslies, they act like the Corinne blindside is the biggest thing that’s ever happened. Let’s hope not, because if so — this season is going to go downhill (even moreso than it already is).


The next morning, Phillip feels like he’s sitting pretty, but so does Reynold. Well, one of them is going to be disappointed by episode’s end. Malcolm preens a bit and he, in fact, does seem to be sitting the prettiest. It’ll be interesting to see if another big move goes down, or if somebody boring like Sherri is voted out tonight.

Later, it … is Phillip hitting on Sherri? Lordy. He assigns her a name for “Stealth R Us” — “Tenacity.” She privately thinks it’s absolutely bonkers, but she knows it’s in her best interest to go along with “her Shamar” on this tribe. Hee. Maybe Sherri is actually like a double-secret-probation awesome player.

Reward Challenge

It’s five-on-five in a game of throw ball in the net, with one person defending each goal. The reward is rappelling down a waterfall and a picnic lunch. Wow, that’s cool. The teams are Erik, Eddie, Reynold, Cochran and Michael on purple, then Dawn, Phillip, Andrea, Brenda and Malcolm on orange. Sherri was not picked, she can’t win the reward.

When Cochran scores, Probst yells that he’s “on a tear” in challenges lately. It’s nice to see Probst not only give love to the beefcakes.

In the end, purple team wins, which is not a shock. It looked at first like orange had a chance, but alas, that was not to be.

On the reward, Cochran is nervous about the rappelling — “I rarely leave my apartment. I rarely leave Twitter.” Hahahaha. During the picnic, they pig out and get their “manliness” on, with the men pitching Cochran on joining their penis alliance. Reynold appeals to Cochran making a history-making moment, but Cochran really isn’t having any of it. “I won’t be engaging in any masculine tomfoolery with these numbskulls.” Could not love Cochran more.

Meanwhile, back at Madeline, Malcolm is making his play to bring Sherri and Dawn into the fold to get rid of Eddie and Reynold first. Dawn isn’t sure what to do — she thinks Malcolm is the problem and wants to take him out. Wow, that would be pretty impressive.

Love Connection

Now the plinky-plunky strains of nookie play as Andrea and Eddie go to the lagoon together. She wonders if that means they’re “island dating,” heh. She also knows it’d be good to have Eddie in her pocket, but she’s giving him the big cow eyes like she’s a total smitten kitten. Hmm. Eddie wisely knows that if she pulls him along a couple more votes, he’ll be able to get up “and start punching people,” which is a weird way to put it, but we get what he’s saying.

Immunity Challenge

It’s the try-not-to-drown challenge. Awesome. This is a really clever idea for a challenge. 30 minutes in, the water is up about three inches. One hour in, the water is nearly at the one-inch mark. Nobody has dropped yet, but Phillip is out first. So much for the special agent.

Sherri and Erik drop next, followed by Dawn, Malcolm and Michael. The water is above the grate, and Eddie, Reynold and Cochran drop. The girls have it! Wow, good for them. Andrea panics, while Brenda has a stellar snorkel made up of her hands. That’s super cool.

Pre Tribal

So, will it be a Malcolm blindside? Andrea and Dawn make a good show to Malcolm that they’re going to split the vote between Eddie and Reynold, while Malcolm has actually decided it’s time to take out Andrea.

Malcolm thinks he’s got Reynold, Eddie, Michael and Dawn voting out Andrea, but Dawn isn’t with him. Meanwhile, Eddie wants desperately to know who Andrea is voting for, but she won’t tell him, and Eddie tells her her name is on the chopping block, so then Andrea goes back to her people and says they have to vote out Michael because she’s being targeted. Those two are completely ridiculous.

Dawn is not OK with Andrea changing the plan, convinced that Malcolm needs to go. But Dawn also is sure Malcolm doesn’t have an Idol and he does. But will he play it? This whole thing is insane. We have no idea who is going home.

Oh, and Reynold needs to stop saying “bro down.” Nobody likes tools, dude.

Tribal Council

The Fans are concerned about the Faves, though Phillip and his “operatives” are getting some snickers. Phillip postures that if they think you have an Idol, you’re getting voted for and that his coalition is sticking together. Nothing is really clarified. We kind of love that we have no idea what is happening.

During the vote, we see Malcolm vote Reynold and that’s it, which probably spells a Malcolm blindside. BUT WAIT! Reynold gets up to play his Idol and Malcolm tells him to hold up — he says that he could tell by Phillip’s speech that they all voted for him (Malcolm) and that Reynold should give him the Idol. Whoa.

And then Reynold gives Malcolm the Idol (!!!) and Malcolm plays it. The votes go Andrea, Andrea, Andrea, Reynold, Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael and Michael. Wow.

So, Andrea and Dawn wussed out and switched it up, Malcolm thought they didn’t and were still gunning for him, got Reynold to GIVE HIM THE IDOL, played it unnecessarily and Michael got voted out. That was nuts.

Did Andrea and Dawn’s alliance know Reynold would give Malcolm the Idol? Nobody knows about Malcolm’s own Idol. Or did they just wuss it out and it just happened to really work in their favor?

Next week: Dawn has a meltdown, which is too bad, because we like Dawn.

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