hope eddie survivor caramoan 'Survivor: Caramoan': Shamar doesn't want to be the angry guy, as he yells at peopleCan the Fans come together on “Survivor: Caramoan” after last week’s blow up? And will the Cool Kids have any options now that one of their members went home? Let’s find out …

Post Tribal

After they get back, Reynold declares that the tribe needs him for challenges and that he doesn’t trust anybody now, so game on. Shamar points out that oh, now, suddenly it’s “game on” because their plan didn’t work (he’s right) and Eddie gets all defensive, saying it wasn’t his plan. Um, dude. You wrote Shamar’s name down, it was your plan. Just be a man and own it.

Laura wants Shamar to shut his mouth and stop being so combative, but we’re with Sherri — let him just keep digging himself a deeper hole and keep him around. As long as he’s a target, that keeps the crosshairs off you, Laura. Duh. Just let him bellow and bluster and keep the focus off yourself.


Reynold and Eddie lament that they’re in a tough spot, calling it “revenge of the nerds.” Yeah, those “nerds” really pulled one over on you, Cool Kids. Meanwhile, Sherri implores Shamar to hold it together and he questions if this game is for him, because he’s the black sheep. Well, stop being such a jerk and you won’t be the outcast.

It’s not like we like the Cool Kids, either — both Shamar and the Cool Kids are equally obnoxious. Then later, Shamar wonders if he should just quit because he’s unhappy. He doesn’t want to be the “angry black man on ‘Survivor.'” Well, it’s a bit late for that, though it has nothing to do with race. You’re just kind of an angry dude. And we’re very sorry if it has to do with serving in Iraq, but that’s not all of it. You’re kind of obnoxious, too.

But then he decides not to quit and Reynold rightly points out that he’s acting like he’s some big hero for not quitting. Yes, that sucks. Weaksauce.


Phillip works out with a rock, saying he is in incredible shape for his age, which is 54. He certainly is in pretty good shape for his age, but he’s still insane. Meanwhile, Corinne and Malcolm go Idol-hunting together and find it. Malcolm is the one who actually finds it, so it’s kind of “his.”

If he’s going to hitch his wagon, as he says, to someone, Corinne isn’t bad because she’s no dummy, but she’s also not as likable as his last buddy Denise was, which we think hurt Malcolm, ultimately.

Later, Cochran talks about the “Freudian picnic” that is “Survivor,” which is … kinda creepy. Dial it back, Cochran. Then Andrea brings it up to Cochran that Corinne and Malcolm need to be split up, taking out Corinne. She sees it as it’s her or Corinne.

So Andrea shores up Cochran, Phillip and Brandon, which is quite the alliance of loonies, but if it gets Andrea what she wants … we’re just not sure Corinne is a huge threat, at this point.

Brandon then weirdly threatens that if they tell him he’s going out next, he’ll pee in the rice and burn the shelter down. Uh, why would anybody in his or her right mind tell you you are going home? You’re a walking bomb. You almost literally are a little round black bomb with legs and a wind-up key, like in the old Mario.

Immunity Challenge

The tribes race to a cage in the water that contains a very heavy chest that they drag back to shore, where they use a grappling hook to put a track together and then push their chest to the finish line. The reward is chairs, a tarp, pillows and blankets.

The tricky part is that they can’t open the cage until everybody swims out and climbs over the cage. Laura gets the Fans way behind because she’s not a very good swimmer, but the cage-climb slows the Faves down and they’re almost even when the cage opening starts. Shamar endears himself to no one by whining about the goggles and therefore not helping untie knots in the water.

We get that if you wear contacts you need goggles, but where is your mask? Surely everybody who wears contacts can have one. Either way, the Fans get a bit of a lead swimming the chest back to shore, but the Faves catch up on the beach.

During the grapping hook part, the Faves take a lead, the Fans catch up and then … the Faves win. Wow, that was intense, you guys. So close!

Pre Tribal

So, back at camp, Shamar immediately has a fit about the goggles. He tells Reynold he’s disgusting for taking the goggles. Um, stop being so dramatic. That isn’t why you guys lost and Reynold is right that you are being childish.

Laura is also worried that she’s going home because she slowed them down, but she really should have no reason to worry. She has the numbers, but even if she didn’t, Shamar is the huge target. Just keep quiet and chill.

Sherri’s alliance decides that girls vote for Hope and boys vote for Eddie just in case Reynold gives up the Idol. Shamar then gives Hope quite a hint that his alliance is splitting the vote by basically telling her to vote Eddie out to save herself. So Hope runs back to … some girl, who is that? Julia. And Julia tells the rest of her alliance that Shamar spilled the beans, which has them questioning if Shamar is even voting with them.

So, Laura runs to Reynold to make a deal that the three Cool Kids plus Laura and Julia vote for Shamar. Oh, Laura. This is so dumb. You are handing the Cool Kids the power. You’re not on the chopping block! They’re voting Shamar, dummy. You have nothing to worry about, but now you’re guaranteeing that your alliance goes down a member and you’re also taking out the person who keeps the heat off of yourself.

If this happens, we feel very strongly that this will come back to bite Laura in the butt.

Tribal Council

Shamar calls Reynold a liar and an evil person, which is a bit much. Hope also totally sells Shamar out with telling her the plan, not that it was a big secret. He then says everybody is trying to throw him under the bus. Um, you can’t be thrown under the bus if nobody likes you. That’s not the definition of being thrown under the bus.

During the vote, we see Shamar vote for Eddie and vice versa. Then the votes go Shamar, Hope, Shamar, Hope, Shamar, Hope, Eddie, Eddie and Eddie. The re-vote involves only those three names and they can’t vote.

The votes go Shamar, Hope, Hope, Hope and Hope. Interesting that that’s who they chose on the re-vote. Eddie seems like the bigger threat, but we guess they need him in challenges.

Next week: More fighting at Gota, plus rain and rats. Fun!

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