survivor caramoan tribe shake up 'Survivor: Caramoan': The tribe shake up seems awfully unfairSo, after last week’s fireworks on “Survivor: Caramoan,” will this week’s episode be a let down? We shall see.


Phillip tells everyone that Brandon was a traitor and that his problem with Phillip was all in Brandon’s head. Corinne is also hot under the collar, saying Brandon is crazy along the lines of Mel Gibson, which is kind of hilarious.

You know you’ve fallen hard as a movie star when you are being cited as a crazy person on a reality TV show. Heeeee.

Phillip also tries to fire up his tribe by talking about how weak and beaten down the Fans look — as he vows that Corinne is on the chopping block the first opportunity he gets. We aren’t sure that’s the strongest play, dude. She’s a very divisive player — keeps the heat off you to keep someone like that around. Somebody unassuming and well-liked like Dawn would be the best play to vote off early. (Though we got nothin’ but love for Dawn.)

The Tribe Shake-up

Reynold wants a shift in the game to save him and Eddie’s butts — and a shift he shall receive. Boy, that’s convenient. Interestingly, they each pick an egg and them smash them to see the new tribes. So, theoretically, it could be men vs. women or something? Hmm.

Anyway, the tribes are now Gota — Eddie, Reynold, Andrea, Malcolm, Sherri, Erik and Brenda and Bikal — Corinne, Phillip, Dawn, Cochran, Michael, Matthew and Julia. So, that might prove to be a bit unbalanced — Malcolm, Eddie and Reynold? That’s pretty stacked.

What’s weird is that the women are split evenly and the Fans are split evenly, though it looked as though the egg-picking was random. Hmm. How does it work that the tribes seem so uneven strength-wise, but the tribes seem to have been not divided randomly?


They are pretty pleased with how their tribe has turned out. Somebody even says “Gods.” Reynold is back to saying, “young, good-looking tribe,” which is so gross. Dude, you made a four-person alliance on a tribe of 10. You are kind of a doofus.

Reynold and Eddie immediately throw Sherri under the bus to Malcolm and Erik — oh, Sherri’s been against us since day one, we were on our own, blah blah blah. Um, no. That’s not how it happened. You two and your girlfriends totally isolated yourselves because apparently nobody else was pretty enough to talk to and then you wondered how come you were targeted. Seriously, Reynold needs a good smack upside the head sometimes.

Also, the immediacy and almost it’s-too-easy of it all has Erik’s radar pinging. He thinks Reynold seems like a used car salesman and he’s not wrong. Reynold also says with disdain that Sherri is “over there, probably making a new alliance already.” Um, like you’re trying to do?

Meanwhile, Sherri bonds with Andrea and Brenda, talking about how Eddie is great without Reynold and that Reynold should go if they lose. She also spills the beans about Reynold’s Idol (though she doesn’t know he has another one).

So, Andrea and Malcolm powwow about whether they go with Sherri and Reynold/Eddie. They’re nervous Reynold has another Idol, but they know how great it is that the Fans are gunning for each other instead of the Faves.

If it were, I’d bring Sherri into the fold because she’s all alone and easy to control. Split the votes between Reynold and Eddie in case there’s an Idol. They are obviously way bigger threats for when there is individual Immunity at stake.


Corinne is weirdly excited about “the gay” in her tribe now. Not that it’s weird to like Michael, or gay people, but it’s weird to like him because he’s “the gay.” Meanwhile, Phillip is recruiting Julia for Stealth R Us. He tells Corinne about flipping Julia, while Corinne is a bit flabbergasted that he would do that because the Faves have the numbers and don’t need anybody from the other tribe.

Corinne tells Dawn that Phillip needs “a warm glass of shut the hell up,” which — word. He is needlessly meddlesome a lot of the time. He needs to learn to just relax.

Immunity Challenge

It’s the challenge where they build a giant staircase out of huge crates that can only be assembled one way (to spell out a message) and then scramble to the top of a tower. As predicted, the new Gota tribe gets a huge lead because of the strong men who can roll those blocks more easily than the less strong people.

By the time the staircase assembling comes around, Gota has more than lapped Bikal, which weirdly sent Phillip out three times (two times back to back). As Probst points out, you do that to the oldest competitor? That seems like a stroke waiting to happen.

During the puzzle portion, Phillip is, like, refusing to build his staircase until they’re sure they have the solution. That’s great and all, because those crates look very heavy, but … it’s hard to know if you’re right before you start putting the crates in place.

Gota wins easily. So, that was pretty boring. If the egg-picking was rigged (since women are split and Fans are split), the way the tribes shook out is very unfair.

Pre Tribal

Phillip tries to buck up the tribe’s morale, which Corinne rolls her eyes at, talking about how annoying he is. But Corinne knows she’s not going to vote him out, not yet anyway. That would put them down in numbers.

Later, Michael and Matt approach Phillip, who says he still has Stealth R Us, though he’s not revealing who’s in the alliance. Um, try everybody. Phillip is also indicating that Julia has to go, which is weird since he was trying to get her to flip like an hour ago.

Then ridiculously, Phillip tells the guys that someone else in the tribe is going to tell them to do something and they should just do it. That’s their test in order to get into Stealth R Us. They have to “execute the first task” that he gives them.

Phillip says someone else is in charge along with him. We’ve been watching all season and we’re not entirely sure who he means — Cochran?

Phillip is bonkers and Matt and Michael know it. They really should just get Julia and approach Corinne about voting Phillip out. They have to have sensed that Corinne doesn’t like Phillip.

But instead, Julia gets Matt and Michael together and says to vote Dawn. Um, that’s a terrible idea. You have to get one more vote and Dawn is not the one to target. Meanwhile, Cochran thinks there might be a sound strategy in voting out Matt to break up “power couple” Matt/Michael. The Faves are acting like they don’t know which way they’re going to go, but we have a feeling Julia is not long for this game.

Corinne bizarrely says that Julia is “boring,” but also has not spoken two words to her. She also criticizes Julia’s “nasally voice,” which — um, Corinne, meet kettle.

Tribal Council

Michael says there’s no question that it’s one of the Fans going home tonight. Corinne then kind of puts her foot in it by saying she loves Michael and Matt, moreso than several people in her alliance. Probably not the best thing to say in front of your actual alliance.

The Faves are definitely afraid of the Hidden Immunity Idol, but they know they have to pick one Fan to get rid of and hope it works out.

We only see Julia vote Dawn and Michael/Matt vote Julia. So Julia is on her way out. But wait! The votes go Julia, Julia, Dawn, Matt, Matt, Matt and Matt. Whoa! Interesting.

Did the Faves know Matt/Michael would take care of an Idol worries by voting Julia? (How if they all voted Matt and he played the Idol, Julia wou
ld still be going home?) Or did they just assume Matt doesn’t have the Idol, so he’s a safe bet to vote out?

We aren’t sure how strong that makes the tribe for challenges, but really — can this tribe even beat the other tribe unless the challenge is mostly non-physical?

Next week: Malcolm is ready to make a move, and the run-around-the-track challenge is back!

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