corinne kaplan survivor caramoan 'Survivor: Caramoan's' Corinne Kaplan: Talking bad about Phillip is 'like yelling at a handicapped person'Corinne Kaplan became the first “Survivor: Caramoan” castaway to be voted off once the two tribes merged. She tells Zap2it that she’s disappointed not to have made the jury and that she thinks there’s something seriously wrong with Phillip.

Are you glad you came back to “Survivor”? Was it what you expected the second time around?

“I knew that it was never gonna be as good as the first time … I don’t regret playing again. You’re making new memories and you can’t ever be mad at that, whether they’re good or bad memories.”

You forebodingly said at Tribal that the Favorites were just waiting to get punched in the face — did you feel like you got punched in the face?

“You know, when I said that, I said that because … I started to feel very uneasy at that Tribal about my own position. I felt like something was up. When I said that, I was really referring to myself. I actually did know something was wrong. I didn’t know it was going to be me, I was more worried it was going to be Malcolm.”

Malcolm was a “Favorite,” but none of you returning players knew him yet — what made you gravitate towards him?

“Easy. He’s the only person that didn’t have an ego. All the other players thought they’re the stars of their season, so they all have these crazy, inflated egos. Phillip is bad, but they’re all bad. They think they’re super-stars. They could compare how many Twitter followers do you have, or all these dumb side projects they’re working on, other shows they want to do. IT’s sickening. The only person who wasn’t doing that was Malcolm … I loved him for that. It was the reason I knew, no matter what, once we went to the fans I was probably going to work with the fans because they were in the same boat. A certain naivete — really playing the game to make the memories. The other guys were out there doing ridiculous things for camera time. it makes me ill.”

Is Phillip really as crazy as he seems on TV?

“He’s much, much, much worse. He is … legitimately, I can honestly tell you — I have trouble saying bad things about him because it’s like yelling at a handicapped person. There’s something wrong with him. His delusions of grandeur, it’s a real symptom of some illness. Something is happening. Mentally, there’s something wrong there …  something is legitimately wrong with him.”

When you were voted off, who did you think stood the best chance of going all the way?

“I kind of though — obviously when you’re a vocal player, it poses a problem. I thought some of the non-vocal players would make it. Maybe Brenda had the right idea by never speaking or Erik, by having no strategy. All these things that I would never do. I don’t know, when someone says to you five minutes before Tribal, ‘We’re gonna vote Corinne,’ you don’t say, ‘Well, why?’

You’re gonna be the swing vote, but you didn’t ask why they’re voting me? Don’t you care? Don’t you want to know why you’re turning on your alliance? Seriously, you don’t even ask why? So those people, maybe. My game play clearly got me voted out, so I don’t have the playbook. I don’t know what to do. Because my instinct is to do what I was doing.”

Were you rooting for anyone in particular?

“I was very upset that I didn’t get on the jury because that was my goal going in … even if I’m the first jury member, if I’m just on the jury. I felt horrible that I had maybe taken away Malcolm’s shot at the million. I didn’t want to be responsible for Malcolm not getting that, ’cause I loved Malcolm. So, if there’s anybody I’m rooting for, it’s clearly Malcolm. I hope he can pull it off.”

Would you go back on “Survivor” again, if asked?

“Yeah, if my job would let me go. My job is much more important to me than being on a reality show. It is the adventure of a lifetime, no matter how many times you play … For me, it’s job first, but if the job would let me go, I would do it.”

“Survivor” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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