malcolm freberg survivor caramoan 'Survivor: Caramoan's' Malcolm Freberg: That Hidden Immunity Idol, 'wherever it is, it's well hidden'Fan-favorite Malcolm Freberg was voted off “Surivor: Caramoan” a week after he orchestrated one of the best Tribal Councils in history. But this week, luck was not on his side, despite having a clue to another Hidden Immunity Idol.

Are you glad you did “Survivor”? Was it hard doing back-to-back seasons?

“It was hard, My body was a wreck. It still hasn’t recovered. Mentally I was exhausted. But there’s no way I would ever say no. To be asked to come immediately back was such an honor, there was no way I could’ve ever said no.”

Did you feel like you had an advantage, being a Favorite but not being known by anyone?

“Really, there’s two sides to that coin. It weighed heavily as a disadvantage because nobody knew me, nobody trusted me. I was always on the outside of strategy conversations. When everybody was talking about their endgame plans, I wasn’t included and that’s what turned me to working with the Fans. It felt like a disadvantage.”

Tell us about that Hidden Idol — it really looked as though you didn’t look very hard for it.

“I dug until my hands were blistered and bleeding, well before Andrea ever came and staked me out. Once she got there, I didn’t look too much anymore because I needed the majority to believe that I did in fact have it. If I kept looking, they would doubt that I had it. I had to act like I had it in order to get a split vote. I dug for a good long time. That thing, wherever it is, it’s hidden well.”

Were you surprised Sherri and/or Erik didn’t vote with you guys at Tribal?

“By that time, I had no faith in Erik doing anything. I didn’t know what was going through that kid’s head for an entire month. Sherri? I was surprised a little bit. I thought it was in her best interest to come with us. I didn’t think her position with the majority was very strong. But having watched it on TV now, seeing early in the season how she and Eddie hated each other with a fiery passion, now I get it. But I didn’t know that while I was there.”

When you were voted out, who did you think was in the best position at the time?

“At the time? Really anybody in the core Favorites who were still in that majority alliance, which I’m doing my best not to talk about today. [laughs] To say their name out loud. Really Dawn, Cochran, Andrea — even Brenda kind of snuck in there. The Favorites who were at the core of that majority alliance were probably in the best spot.”

Were you rooting for anybody in particular to make it to the end?

“You gotta root for your buddies, Reynold and Eddie. They really are lovable guys. They’re not begin targeted because they’re hated, they’re being targeted because they’re such big threats. They’re not in the greatest strategic spot right now, but it’s hard not to root for them.”

“Survivor” airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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