pete yurkowski abi survivor philippines 'Survivor' castoff Pete Yurkowski on 'extremely volatile' Abi: 'We should've just voted her off'Pete Yurkowski, the latest Castaway voted out of Survivor: Philippines, found himself in a losing alliance, in more ways than one.

From the game’s outset, Pete partnered with Abi, who’s emerged as the season’s most obnoxious player, if not the villain (a term usually reserved for more cunning strategists).

Considering Pete fanned the flames of her paranoia early on by planting the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol in Tandang tribemate in R.C.’s bag, does Pete feel at all responsible for her behavior?

“Did I think it would’ve been such an explosion?” he asked Zap2it. “No. Did that seal the deal? Probably. Would it’ve changed anything? I don’t think so.”

“She’s not like this in real life,” he insists about the blond Brazilian. “But she was extremely volatile out there. Everything got under her skin, and then she would go crazy and start telling everybody everything. Like, ‘I have the idol and I’m going to play it.’ It was kind of out of nowhere.

“It kept happening and we should’ve just voted her off.”

Pete was especially regretful during the infamous Tribal Council back-and-forth between Lisa and Abi. Although TV viewers didn’t see it, Pete says he was “face-palming it the whole entire time.”

So was Abi ever calm and happy at camp?

“When she was sleeping,” Pete deadpans.

Still, he acknowledges that after the merge, “we kind of needed Abi. Because who were we going to go to? Penner just kept throwing my name around the beach all the time. And Carter was following him.”

Carter, in fact, was the reason the Tandang alliance voted out Jeff Kent — a plan orchestrated by Pete. “Carter was kind of like [Jeff’s] puppet — and what do you do? You kill the puppet master, and maybe we can get another puppet. It didn’t work out that way since he then latched onto Penner, but that was the plan.”

Pete also takes pride in voting out R.C.: “I had a hand in that. It was a little fun voting her off. She was … a different kind of abrasive than Abi.”

“R.C. was bullying Lisa,” he adds about the former “Facts of Life” star (whom he never recognized), “and Lisa obviously was going into the woods and crying about it. R.C. was incredibly suspicious of Lisa, which kind of sent up a couple warning flags. Should we really trust R.C.?”

But as strong as the Tandang alliance was after ousting R.C., they cracked after the merge.

“You can’t win every single one,” says Pete, adding with a laugh:

“It’s a new ‘Survivor’ lesson. Don’t win ’em all.”

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