Yulkwon_cookislands_240_1Ozzy and Yul were a fitting Top Two for this Survivor season, but the reason I endorse the eventual final vote is simple: If Ozzy hadn’t been in the game, I think Yul would have been capable of being physically dominant and winning challenges galore. If Yul hadn’t been in the game, I don’t think Ozzy would have been capable of playing the strategic game to the same degree.

That being said, had Ozzy won, I’d have accepted that his physical dominance was absolutely worth of the big prize.

Now if Becky had won? The gal couldn’t even make fire.

Before I open the floor to reactions to Friday (Dec. 16) night’s finale, some thoughts from the episode:

  • Some credit should be given to Adam for the way he left the game. After losing the elaborate penultimate immunity challenge, he was done, but his attempts to force Yul to play the hidden Idol were intriguing and completely selfless, since he was going to be eliminated either way. He just wanted to stir up the Aitus and his was probably the correct strategy, as far as Becky and Sundra were concerned. If Adam’d done anything a tenth as smart during the preceding weeks, maybe I wouldn’t have been so pleased to see him go.
  • Yul made the right choice in not giving Becky the hidden idol, but not just because the strategy would have blown up in his face. No, it was the right choice because it allowed for a firemaking tiebreaker between Becky and Sundra, the funniest moment of the season and maybe in Survivor history. I loved the yawning and eye-rolling from the jury and from Jeff Probst, as well as Jeff’s disappointment allowing Sundra and Becky to use matches, which opened the door for Jeff’s tongue-in-cheek reaction, "Becky, having trouble lighting the match." And then for Sundra to run out of matches? At that point, Jeff should have said, "OK. Neither of you is going to win anyway.  This is a joke."
  • It’s funny that they decided to change the rules and do a three-finalist jury vote in a season without a third worthy contender. There was never going to be any conceivable reason for anybody to vote for Becky. I’d have been interested to see what might have happened if it have been Ozzy, Yul and Jonathan in the Top Three, if anybody had had the guts to respect Jonathan for his gameplay.

    So, sound off…

    Did the right person win? And where does this season rank in the Survivor pantheon?

  • Posted by:Daniel Fienberg