Hear that sound? It’s silence and it means that yappy, boorish Rocky is out of Survivor: Fiji. Starting Thursday (April 5), we can get down to the business of rooting against Lisi and cheering for Yau-Man and Michelle and Earl.

Pre-credit sequence. It’s Day 20 at Ravu and the formerly fattened members of Moto are beginning to feel the effects of their new frills-free existence. While Lisi and Dreamz are curled up, conserving energy, Mookie, Alex and Edgardo begin a search for the Immunity Idol. Lisi may have been the one with all of the clues, but as she naps, the Alpha Males find the Idol and skulk away with it.

Lisi the Old Cat. Alex, Mookie and Edgardo decide that they’ll use the Idol to protect each other. They also decide to squeeze Lisi out of the process. "Even though she’s really loyal, she’s an unstable person," says Edgardo, who worries that Lisi wouldn’t use the Idol with intelligence. Mookie, who was feeling badly outnumbered as an original Ravuvian, figures that while the Idol may be shared, he’s the one who it benefits most. He’s filling in the Idol hole when Lisi wakes and catches him. She’s impressed that she made him admit to searching and proudly announces, "I’m like ‘Dude, you’re gonna have to wake up really, really early to fool an old cat like me.’"

Dance, Dance Island Revolution. Up in the highlands above Moto, Michelle and Boo stumble upon a group of natives entrusted with teaching the contestants some tribal moves for the next challenge. Earl catches on quickly, but Yau-Man absents himself from the challenge, admitting, "When it comes to dancing, I have absolutely no rhythm. I can’t keep a beat if my life depends on it." At least they’re having fun. At Ravu, it’s a grim affair, particularly since Lisi also lacks rhythm (along with brains, a competitive spirit, etiquette, hygiene and several other niceties). Alex is ticked off about losing to "a bunch of girls and an old guy," but Lisi’s attitude is "Challenges, honestly, I don’t take that seriously." I almost miss Rocky. Almost.

Pants on Dance off. The reward they’re playing for is a Fijian feast of chicken, pork and seafood and Moto is up first. They start off a little rough in spots, but they work it out. Earl definitely does his thing. You know what I’m loving about Ravu this week? Very little, dawg. I don’t know what native dancing does look like, but I know who it doesn’t look like — Lisi. They’re simply dreadful. The judges credit both teams for their appearance and spirit, but they praise Earl for his leadership and Moto for overall organization. They’re very dry, those Fijian judges. I almost miss Paula Abdul. Almost. The judges make the right choice and Moto wins. Lisi doesn’t care and she’s sent off to Exile Island.

I would like an authentic Fijian feast. Sure, the shellfish and pork is traife, but plenty of the goodies are probably Kosher for Passover and would be more appealing than my gefilte fish. It’s a big evening for Moto and Earl is convinced that they’ve bonded as a team.

Sucks to be Lisi. That’s what Lisi says, at least. She says over and over again, in fact, how much it sucks to be her. It’s raining and the usual snakes are out in full force and she says that she feels like quitting.

There isn’t enough room in this game for two petite Asian girls.
I love that Michelle and Earl get together every morning for meetings. Who knew? On Earl’s agenda this morning is his suspicion that Stacey may be more likely to choose her old Moto friends over her new Moto friends, while Boo could be swayed. They determine that Stacey should go first. Michelle’s OK with that, because, as she frankly declares, "Me and Stacey are kind of carbon copies of each other when it comes to function." The editors think they’re also the same in form, because we cut straight to a shot of Stacey and Michelle sunning themselves in revealing bikinis.

Slings and arrows of outrageous Immunity fortune.
Immunity hinges on a trio of target-shooting tasks. Blow darts are up first. Boo blows a near-bulls-eye and Moto wins the first round. They’re throwing spears next and it’s one humiliation after another until Yau-Man shows impressive javelin technique. That puts Moto up 3-0, but the bow-and-arrow round is worth triple points. Yau-Man has a strategy again, sifting for the straightest possible arrow and hitting the mark. Only self-professed archery expert Edgardo stands between Ravu and defeat. He doesn’t hit the target.

Lisi lists losers, leaves out Lisi. It’s Mookie’s eighth straight trip to Tribal Council and he admits that he stunk in the challenge. There’s manning up and taking the blame on yourself and then there’s Lisi-ing up. The oaf throws "L" signs and whines, "I’m done with the losers. These guys just can’t pull it together." She doesn’t once say "we" or "us." No, the guys are losers and she tells Alex she can’t take it anymore and wants to go home, concluding that she’s run the gamut in the game and that, "I’m done like a Thanksgiving Day turkey." Dreamz describes it as a dream come true. But suddenly, Lisi’s started having second thoughts. Now she thinks Dreamz should go out first. Alex and Edgardo look stumped.

Tribal council. Jeff Probst asks Lisi what’s been going wrong. She repeats the exact same gamut  speech and blames the team. Dreamz says it’s time for Lisi to go home because she just isn’t in the game. Lisi, the most disgusting slug I’ve ever seen on Survivor, promptly accuses Dreamz of having given up during challenges. Dreamz annoys me at times, but I know the guy isn’t a quitter. Jeff asks Lisi if she wants to be here. Lisi asks if she can catch a break. Dreamz, changing my opinion about him with every second, puts her on the spot. Even after each other person says that they want to stay, Lisi still won’t. Alex and Edgardo only have themselves to blame if they keep this headcase in the game. Fortunately, they come to their senses and Lisi’s eliminated. She’s blissfully cut-off mid-sentence in her exit rant to her loser teammates.

Dreamz? Stealth mastermind? Lisi? Glad she’s gone or did hating her make the game more entertaining? Thoughts on an entertaining episode?

Posted by:Daniel Fienberg