amanda kimmel survivor inte 'Survivor' hero Amanda Kimmel on Danielle and the clue: 'It was more of a brawl'“Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains” had a first on Thurday, April 29 —
Amanda Kimmel had her torch snuffed by Jeff Probst for the very first
time in three seasons on the show.

She talks to Zap2it about her torch snuffing, her 100 Days title and the new organic fragrance she is developing.

What made you want to do Survivor again?
I did it again because I was second twice and I’m really competitive — I wanted to win. I know this is a great opportunity, I might as well do it again. And I really wanted to win.

You were the first person to reach 100 days playing “Survivor,” had you even thought about before the show? What did it feel like when Jeff told you that?
I was really proud to get that title.

Were you surprised that Candice voted for you and not just the five Villains?
Yeah. I kind of knew going into it, before Tribal it was kind of a tug of war between Russell and me for Candice. I knew she was going to go one way or another. I was really hoping she would stay with us, but I could tell she was really paranoid and flighty before Tribal. And I knew Sandra would only vote with us if [Candice] did.

When you guys merged, how come you didn’t align with Parvati? You guys go way back on ‘Survivor.” Was it just too hard at that point?
Yeah, it was just too hard because we were both in good positions with our own people. I was in the middle and could’ve gone with Colby and Candice or JT and Rupert. I was in a really good spot and I really didn’t want to give it up and Parvati was the same. We just didn’t know if we could trust each other fully and it just ended up that we didn’t work together.

How come you gave up the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol so easily? Did you really think Danielle might throw down for it?
Oh yeah. They didn’t show a lot of it, but we were wrestling for awhile before I gave it back to her.

No way! It looked so tame on TV. Then when she got back to camp and told the Villains that she wrestled you to the ground for it, we were sitting at home going, “Uh, no she didn’t.”
Oh yeah. She wasn’t wrestling ME to the ground, though. I could’ve taken it from her, there was no way she was gonna get it. It was more of a brawl than what the showed on TV.

It’s too bad they didn’t show that, how awesome.
Well, we were cussing up a storm so there’s probably a reason why they didn’t show it. [laughs]

What was it like having your torch snuffed out for the first time?

It was awful! But I know Jeff got a lot of pleasure out of it. But it wasn’t fun.

How was Ponderosa, with Coach, Courtney and JT? Did you guys have a good time?
Yeah, we did. I’m friends with all of those guys, so it was just really, really fun to see them again. It was good to finally meet Coach and I love Courtney, we’re really good friends.

Would you come back if “Survivor” called you for a fourth season?
No. No. I’m retiring from my “Survivor” career. I have other things that I want to do and pursue. This was a great thing in my life, but I have other things I want to do.

Like what?
I actually have a fragrance coming out. I’m really passionate about organic fragrances and skin care, so I have a fragrance coming out called Wild. It’s coming out in a month or so, it’s completely organic. I wanted to create the first mainstream organic fragrance. I hate perfume, it gives me a headache– [short discussion about our mom’s perfume allergy] This would be perfect for your mom. Fragrances have chemicals in them, so I wanted to make something that’s completely natural. There’s nothing out there like that.

Do you have any messages for your fans?

I just had a really fun time on “Survivor,” it was a huge blessing in my life. I learned a ton and had a great time, so I’m thankful for my time on the show.

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