candice danielle survivor 'Survivor' hero Candice Woodcock, villain Danielle DiLorenzo: Russell 'is just disgusting'“Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains” really picked up the pace on Thursday, May 6 with a double elimination.

Candice Woodcock and Danielle DiLorenzo tell Zap2it about their decision to play again, how they feel about Russell and their two very different receptions at the Ponderosa.

Why did you guys decide to do “Survivor” again?

Danielle: I came in second place the first time and I had such an amazing experience, such a growing experience. I love the game and I loved the players that were coming back, I always used to watch them and I felt honored to be able to play the game with them, like Boston Rob and Rupert and Colby. I was honored, honestly. I felt blessed to be given the opportunity again. I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it again. I wanted to challenge myself again.

Candice: I think I’d have to agree with Danielle. Pretty much the same thing. It gets in your blood. I thought at first when they asked me that I would say no, but it kept creeping back in. It’s such a fun challenge to yourself — physically, psychologically, socially, emotionally. It’s such a crazy game. Not many people get the chance and to turn it down would be really tough.

Would you ever go back for another season if they asked you?

Danielle: It’s funny because the first time I didn’t’ think I would ever do it a second time. But here I am, I would definitely do it a third. Like we said before, ti’s such an amazing experience, to be able to do it once and then twice. I’ve just grown so much and learned so much about myself. It’s just a test to see how you react in these circumstances and the whole dynamic of the game is so, so interesting to watch. I just think it’s an amazing game and I would totally do it again.

Candice: I’d like to say that I could turn it down, but I probably couldn’t.

Some of the other Survivors have said they wouldn’t play again because the game has changed so much, particularly with players like Russell. Do you think the game is a perverted version of what it once was?

Danielle: It doesn’t have to stay [the way Russell plays]. Russell made it that way the last couple seasons. I just think the way he decides to play the game is very vicious and ruthless. Some people can respect it but I think most people won’t. I just think the way that he played is just disgusting but … Candice, what do you think?

Candice: The game clearly has changed. You see the people in the first couple seasons they build their alliances around social interactions rather than just coming straight to you and saying,”Be in an alliance with me.” The game is faster paced now and also I think that the Hidden Immunity Idols going nuts all the time has really changed the game. First they started out with one for the entire season and now it’s every time you play one you get a new Idol. That has really changed the game. It makes the pace of the game much quicker but I think that’s what makes it’s interesting and why it’s been on for 10 years and why people are still watching. You aren’t watching the same thing over and over. I don’t know if it’s changed in a good way, but it’s different and still exciting. To be honest, I think this season has been great. As a player the Idols going crazy is not great, but as a viewer crazy stuff happens every week.

Danielle, we would imagine you weren’t too surprised at Rupert, Colby and Russell voting you out, but were you surprised Jerri flipped?

Danielle: Yeah, I was. Part of me was shocked and the other part of me … out of everybody I knew Snadra wouldn’t turn on me and Parvati wouldn’t turn on me, so I figured Jerri would be the one who would turn on me. She was riding Rusel’s coattails and being controlled by him and basically doing whatever he says. When I spoke my mind to him I sensed that something was going to happen at that Tribal Council.

Was it fun hanging out at Ponderosa with the other booted Survivors?

Candice: I had a rough time when I came in. Amanda and J.T. and Courtney and Coach, they gave me the silent treatment. It was really awkward. J.T. continued to be childish throughout, but Amanda and I had a talk and worked it out the next morning. As always, the food is great. I want to mention Danielle and I, we would eat a lot and then do some serious workouts afterwards.

Danielle: I didn’t have such a bad time coming back. I didn’t burn too many bridges besides me and Amanda and our confrontation. She was really the only person who had some tension, everybody else was pretty warm to me when I came back to the Ponderosa.

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