cirie fields survivor 320 2 'Survivor' hero Cirie Fields: J.T. is 'suspicious,' Tom 'is a triple threat'“Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains” saw Cirie Fields leave in its first blindside. She talks to Zap2it about the Heroes’ lack of cohesiveness and the huge threat in Tom Westman.

On her time between “Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites” and “Heroes vs. Villains”:
A really cool thing I got to do was go to Afghanistan and support the troops. That was amazing. But mainly it’s just been work and my family.

On why she wanted to do “Survivor” for a third time:
It’s almost like an addition, especially for fans and lovers of the game, which I am. You know, I haven’t completed my run on “Survivor.” I still don’t feel complete because I’ve made it to the end, I’ve gotten booted out early, I’ve experienced the gamut of “Survivor” except my name on that check! [laughs] That’s what brought me back. I felt like maybe I could win this thing. To be given that opportunity, you can’t say no.

On the first big blindside of the season:
I kind of knew it was a 50/50 chance. We had a plan in place but the plan consisted of people who felt really threatened by me and people who wanted me gone from day one. When you put your trust in people like that, you have to be open to the fact that it could go well or maybe not.

On who flipped against her:
I didn’t know exactly who it was. I was more suspicious of J.T. than anyone else because I never trusted him and I knew he felt by threatened by me. When you have to align with people you don’t trust, you always have to have it in the back of your mind there’s a chance they would turn on you.

On James coming across as a bully:

James is a big guy, so automatically he’s going to be labeled a bully. People are threatened by his size and then living with people day-to-day ’round the clock in those conditions, it brings out the best and the worst in you. When you’re upset and you’re losing, you do and say things that maybe you wouldn’t normally do. I just think James has a problem getting his point across with the right words. He tried to get his point across the best way he knew how. Was it right? No. I didn’t think so. I said to him exactly what I’m saying to you, there was a better way to get your point across. But do I think he’s a mean bully, a terrible person? No.

Even though he got rid of the Idol, is Tom still a huge target for the Heroes?
From day one I thought Tom was a huge target. I couldn’t understand why no one else thought that. He’s a triple threat. He won the game, he’s good in challenges, and he’s good socially.

Why do you think the Heroes got off to such a poor start?
I think our camaraderie and our meshing as a tribe was never there. We had a lot of good players and being deemed Heroes … that just took some of them, their egos to another level … Everyone had their preconceived notions as to who everyone was. A lot of them weren’t open and willing to get to know you. They just thought you were a threat, I don’t need to talk to you, I don’t need to get to know you and that’s what cultivates the relationships that allow you to work well in challenges.

Final thoughts and message to “Survivor” fans:
I have been blessed with three amazing experiences with “Survivor.” I have no regrets. I still love the show, I’ll always love the show and everybody should keep watching because it only gets better. “Survivor” is a really great thing and anyone who wants to try and is afraid and thinks they can’t do it, look at me! Look at me! Just go for it. The may be talking to you one day on the winners end.

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