james clement survivor 320 'Survivor' hero James Clement: The knee isn't healed, he's rooting for Parvati out of spite“Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains” sent James Clement and his bum knee packing Thursday, March 25. Find out what he has to say about his tribe, his knee injury and the bullying.

Were you surprised they kept you around that extra week and sent Tom home?
No, ma’am not really … in challenges I played my own part. You don’t have to be fast and run all the time. Like in the challenge when I wore the blindfold and gave them directions. There’s more ways to help than to just be physical all the time. In challenges I was going to help them win, so I just played on.

Were you surprised you got voted out when you did? Did you think Amanda would find a way to keep you around?

She kinda tried a little bit and the actual race thing showed everybody where I was and if I could handle it or not, so she tried. I guess she could’ve tried harder but I felt that she was doing the best thing at the time for herself. It was obvious my knee was messed up and she was helping my own self. I probably would’ve sucked it up and stayed, so she kinda saved me from myself.

How is the knee? Everything healed?

It’s got some kinda jungle rot thing in it right now. I have to have surgery again, it didn’t heal right. It’s like I’m stuck in the middle. The actual ligament is strong but something’s going wrong inside the knee. They’re going to go look at it again and figure things out and try to get my leg right because I gotta go back to work sooner or later. I can’t work, I can’t work out, I didn’t realize how active I was before I couldn’t do anything.

We’ve dubbed this season Brawn vs. Brains instead of Heroes vs. Villains. Is that a fair assessment, as the definitely the brawniest guy out there?
It wasn’t Brawn vs. Brains because we’re probably just as intelligent if not more intelligent than the other team. We just weren’t working together. They were good in certain aspects, like puzzles. You can have a bunch of rocket scientists and if they’re all fighting against each other, nothing is going to get done in the simplest puzzle, in the simplest task. There’s too many cooks in the kitchen. Everybody wants to cook the onions. Everybody wants to be the guy who says, “I made the dish” instead of being the guy who says, “I helped make the dish.” So no, definitely not Brawn vs Brains. Honestly, the other side wasn’t superior to us at all. We just couldn’t gel and work together.

Why do you think the Heroes tribe didn’t gel right off the bat?
Because a few people on the team really took the Heroes thing and were really trying to make their mark as a Hero at the wrong time. You can also be a Hero by playing your role. You don’t have to be the chief or the MVP every time. If everybody’s going to try to be the MVP, then nobody will. You’re going to lose. A few people really took the hero thing to heart and was trying to portray themselves as being a Hero and didn’t really know what a hero was or what a winner was. You don’t have to get all the highlights every time. Making a difference is sometimes is taking a back role and listening to who is in charge.

On the other team, shoot. They’re hustlers. They’re really not good at certain stuff so they would always fall in line. They’ve always been portrayed as the more laid-back people and they’ll do what everybody says. We were different because we were kinda winners and we got together and there were people who weren’t used to, especially in the show, taking a back seat. Ain’t nothing wrong with taking the back seat. You can help from the back seat, you can help look out for the person in the front seat.

Are you really kind-of a bully sometimes? Or did the editing exaggerate things?
I absolutely love it. I love the way they edit it. It’s crazy because it’s all about how you fit in. I’m talking about teamwork and I’m talking about sticking together and they’re making me look like a bully. I like it, I like the whole editing aspect of it all. I even like when Jeff said I was a bully. The only thing that kinda hurt was my mama, she didn’t like it. If y’all think I’m a bully for saying lets stick together as a team then that’s fine. But I love it it’s coo.

Who are you rooting for now?

I gotta go with Amanda. I wanna see her make it to the end. Parvati I’m rooting for too, I just want to see her do good out of spite. It’ll make me laugh because everybody wants her to go home. And I want to see the Heroes try to do it I want to see them do good. But if all else fails I’d rather laugh at Parvati making it to p*** everybody off.

Any messages for your fans or anything final thoughts?
I’m sorry about the injury. Granted, I might have looked like a bully this time because I really don’t think I was bullying but just take it easy with my mama. It’s kinda hard. James is having fun, he apologizes, and take it easy for my mama.

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