jessica sugar kiper james jt thomas 'Survivor' hero Sugar: 'J.T. slept with me pregame and told me we'd stick together'Jessica “Sugar” Kiper, the first contestant booted from “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains,” has taken to Twitter to give us some insight into her, ahem, game plan with James “J.T.” Thomas.

Sugar told Zap2it last Friday, Feb. 12, “I’m not attracted to Colby. That’s like 5 seconds of what really went
down and I think it’s hilarious that they played it that way. They
totally made me look like Jerri No. 2, not that there’s anything wrong
with that.”

Apparently Sugar had more to say on the subject, taking to Twitter with:

  • So,I was never attracted to Colby,and J.T.slept with me pregame and told me we’d stick together.That edit really confused my friends & fam.

  • Not that anyone really CARES, I just wanted to get that out before this Thursday’s episode.If the audience doesn’t see it,it didn’t happen.

  • No,seriously,I wasn’t attracted to the tall cowboy,I really DID want the one with the underbite,beer belly, and marbles in his mouth…

That certainly is interesting. We’re quite intrigued about the “slept with” J.T. part. Was there a real-life romance/hook-up happening between J.T. and Sugar? And did she just say J.T. has an underbite, a beer belly and marbles in his mouth?

Zap2it has reached out to CBS and Sugar for comment. We’ll let you know if they have a response.

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