cirie fields survivor 320 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains': No. 15 Cirie FieldsZap2it is handicapping the “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains” contestants. The next person leaving? Hero Cirie Fields.

Disclaimer: We have studiously avoided spoilers regarding the season, these predictions are based on personal opinions from watching all previously 19 seasons of “Survivor.”

We love Cirie. She seems like a really nice lady and we enjoyed both her previous seasons, “Survivor: Panama” and “Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites.” She played a great social game and made up for her lack of physical prowess by manipulating the votes to go the way she wanted.

However. As we’ve stated before, we are operating under the premise that the Villains tribe doesn’t gel at first. But once they get their act together and send the Heroes to Tribal Council, we foresee the Heroes being very tribe-minded. That is, keeping the strong men around and voting off the weakest women first to give them the best chance in physical challenges. Hence Candice’s ouster first and Cirie’s ouster second. People may disagree, but we think Sugar, Stephenie and Amanda are the strongest Heroes women.

We think Cirie manages to get past the first Heroes Tribal Council because she’s so likable. But we don’t see her getting past the second.

Tomorrow: Jessica “Sugar” Kiper

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No. 16 Parvati Shallow
No. 17 Ben “Coach” Wade
No. 18 Candice Woodcock
No. 19 Jerri Manthey
No. 20 Randy Bailey

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