tom westman survivor hero 3 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains': Cirie Fields is outwitted and it is excellent“Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains” saw the Heroes revert to their losing ways, Tom Westman finds a Hidden Immunity Idol and Cirie Fields is outsmarted.

Due to a DVR glitch, I missed the first 13 minutes of the show. Sorry, gang.

I picked it up with the final match-up for the reward, Tyson vs. Colby. They are neck-in-neck and Tyson’s ball falls first. The villains win … whoa, did Jeff Probst hold up a Samoan Wal-Mart? Oh, Sears. My mistake.

They survey their loot and Russell manages to find a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol. It falls to the ground and then everybody sees it. Oh, Russell, bad form. Boston Rob reads it alive and somehow nobody takes off running. They all just kinda ignore the clue, saying that anybody who goes for it is gone. Um, what? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

Russell waits until they start building a shelter and he heads off to find the HII. He tells the others he’s “going for a walk.” Yeah, that’ll fool ’em. Sandra heads off after him, spies him looking for the Idol and says, “He’s a stupid ass” and now everybody is ready to boot him.

Meanwhile, the Heroes find a clue in their coffee beans. Did they win those awhile ago? Way to be observant, Brawn tribe. At least the Heroes have the good sense to all look for it. Tom finds it and very stealthily put sit in his sock. Except he’s not sneaky enough because Amanda totally knows he has it. Colby and Tom see this as their opening to get back into the game.

Immunity Challenge

The challenge is dependent on a contestant in a ball  who is guiding two pushers. Once the ball reaches a table maze, that contestant guides blindfolded tribemates in the table maze. It’s Boston Rob vs. Tom Westman in the Atlasphere. The Villains take a lead in the Atlasphere portion but both Tom and Rob do a great job on the table maze. The Villains juuust eek out a win. Well, at least the Heroes were closer this time on the puzzle. That’s something, right?

The Heroes are plotting to vote 3-3 for Colby and Tom and then either way they get rid of one of them. JT and Amanda give Tom a listen about getting rid of Candice or Cirie instead of him, though and they plus James seem to be on board with getting rid of one of the women. Except Amanda runs to Cirie about it and Cirie works her magic mojo on simple-minded Amanda (and Rupert, but he’ll do whatever he’s told) about voting for Tom.

JT overhears and he tells Tom and Colby. So now if he goes with them to get Cirie out, it’ll be three for Tom, two for Colby and three for Cirie, so if Tom plays the Idol, Cirie is going home. Oh, please let that happen.

Tribal Council
Rupert tells Jeff that he’s concerned with bonding and winning, but that his vote won’t change because he gave his word. I’m with Jeff — that’s silly. If you want a strong tribe, keep the strong players. Colby says he’s worried about going home and JT looks nervous. James then says he just wants to win and Tom asks him if that’s what he’s basing his vote on. Uh, if he’s voting Tom or Colby out, he’s NOT focused on winning as a tribe. If he was, Cirie’s ass would be grass. James is an idiot and Tom knows it and just shakes his head.

Tom plays the Hidden Immunity Idol and Candice and Rupert snicker. We’ll see who’s laughing last, smirkies. Excellently, the votes go Tom, Tom, Tom (all of which don’t count), Colby, Cirie, Colby, Cirie and Cirie. Excellent! Blindsides are great and it’s nice to see Cirie outwitted. Plus, James, Candice, Rupert and Amanda are gross and I’d like nothing more than to watch Colby, Tom and JT mow them down.

Next time: Rob hunts Russell. This is a great season.

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