survivor russell hantz 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains' finale: Russell Hantz defeats Rupert Boneham for Sprint prizeThe Sprint fan prize for the Player of the Season went to Russell Hantz of “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.” Jeff Probst says in another example of Good vs. Evil, the vote came down to a race between Russell and fan favorite Hero Rupert Boneham. The winner of the season’s million dollar prize was Sandra Diaz-Twine

All throughout the live finale show, Russell was ranting and raving about being the best “Survivor” payer and apparently America agrees, even if the other Survivors didn’t. He comments, “What needs to happen is America needs to have a percentage of the votes … America, they make the decisions. They should.”

Russell will take home $100,000 for winning the Sprint prize, which somehow we don’t think will make him feel any better about being shut-out in the “Heroes vs. Villains” final vote and losing two seasons in a row after getting to the end. He also won the Sprint prize for his “Survivor: Samoa” season, so he is clearly popular with the viewers.

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