yau man rob survivor 320 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains': Looking for clues in the trailerCBS won’t officially announce the cast for “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains” until Jan. 9, but after looking at the trailer, we have a decent idea of who might be lining up on each side.

The network ran a 115-second teaser for the new edition, the show’s 20th, during the “Survivor: Samoa” finale on Dec. 20. The first minute or so is a look back at earlier seasons. Around the 1:10 mark, though, things start to get interesting, as host Jeff Probst starts talking about the villains — chosen for their skills in “deception, manipulation and duplicity,” and the heroes, who represent “integrity, courage and honor.” Here’s the full trailer:

After multiple viewings and frame-by-frame (or, OK, clicking play and pause a whole bunch of times) analysis of the trailer, we saw the following people. Some of them — especially inaugural winner Richard Hatch, who was in jail during the filming of “Heroes vs. Villains” — may be red herrings, and others seem like no-brainers. There are also a few supposedly complete cast lists floating around the web, but we’re only going by the visual evidence in the trailer. Here’s who we saw:


Hatch. Almost certainly a red herring, since the show reportedly finished filming in September, when Hatch was still in federal custody for giving unauthorized media interviews.

Jerri Manthey, “Survivor: Australian Outback” and “Survivor: All-Stars.” She’s one of several people taking a third crack at “Survivor.”

Alicia Calaway, “Outback” and “All-Stars.” She will always have her finger in your face.

Rob Mariano, “Marquesas” and “All-Stars.” He’s arguably among the best players who didn’t win on “Survivor,” but he didn’t fare all that well on “Marquesas,” not even making the jury.

Jon “Jonny Fairplay” Dalton, “Pearl Islands” and “Fans vs. Favorites.” If you’re gonna have a group of villains, you’ve got to have Fairplay.

Randy Bailey, “Gabon.” He’s one of the few players from recent seasons included in the list.


Rupert Boneham, “Pearl Islands” and “All-Stars.” One of the most popular players ever, he’s an obvious choice.

James Clement, “China.” He was voted out despite having both hidden immunity idols in his possession, which he didn’t play because he thought he was safe.

Yul Kwon, “Cook Islands.” Yul won his season, which began with the contestants being divided based on race.

Cirie Fields, “Panama” and “Fans vs. Favorites.” Despite a noted lack of physical prowess, she made it to the final four in both her seasons.

Yau-Man Chan, “Fiji” and “Fans vs. Favorites.” Yau-Man is best known for his deal with “Fiji’s” Dreamz to give up a truck he won in a reward challenge in exchange for immunity at the final four. Dreamz later reneged on the deal, but Yau-Man said he bore no grudge.

Lil Morris, “Pearl Islands.” This one feels like a red herring — or at least misplaced. Lil was hardly a hero in her time in the Pearl Islands.

Tom Westman, “Palau.” Simply one of the most dominant players in the show’s history.

Anyone else that you see in the trailer?

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