tyson apostol 320 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains': No. 11 Tyson ApostolZap2it is making predictions for the upcoming “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains” season. Next off: Tyson Apostol.

Disclaimer: These posts aren’t based on spoilers, they are based on speculation and conjecture. Also, apologies there was no post on Friday, Jan. 29. We were out that day, but we budgeted for that day in our countdown.

Oh, Tyson. Remember him, the naked contestant from “Survivor: Tocantins?” We thought Tyson was decently funny but also full enough of himself to rub people the wrong way. We think the Heroes will eke out a win after losing several Immunity challenges in a row, forcing the Villains to get rid of someone right before the merge, sending the two tribes into the merge tied.

At this point in the game, per our predictions, the Villains are down to Russell, Sandra, Courtney, Rob, Danielle and Tyson. We can see all of those contestants, particularly Russell and Rob, being really annoyed with Tyson by this point and deciding to get rid of him. We can also legitimately see a Villain alliance of Russell, Danielle and Sandra ruling the roost over there. But more on that in the upcoming posts.

Tomorrow: James Clement

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No. 12 Tom
No. 13 Stephenei
No. 14 Sugar
No. 15 Cirie
No. 16 Parvati
No. 17 Coach
No. 18 Candice
No. 19 Jerri
No. 20 Randy

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