tom westman survivor 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains': No. 12 Tom WestmanZap2it is counting down the “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains” eliminations. The next eliminee: Tom Westman.

Disclaimer: No spoilers blahblah huge ‘Survivor’ fans blahblah predictions only blahblah you know the drill.

Watching Tom Westman kick ass and take names on “Survivor: Palau” was enormously satisfying. He’s a total silver fox who has the added bonus of being a fireman (fireman = sexy), he won Immunity Idol after Immunity Idol and he played a real stand-up game, which is fun sometimes (not that we don’t love the sneaky players too).

We think Tom will get pretty far in the game, but we don’t see him making the merge. We think that after picking off the Heroes women one-by-one, the Heroes men will take out Tom before Amanda because he’s not only a serious threat to win the money but he’s not as young as he was on Palau. Remember, that was five years ago and that makes a difference. Plus, we can see James, JT and Colby really liking Amanda. We think Rupert might be Tom’s only ally at this point and two verses four equals Tom being voted off.

We hope for we’re wrong because we really wanted to pick Tom for Final Three, but decided against it.

Tomorrow: Tyson Apostol

How do you guys think we’re doing so far? Are we being totally crazy?

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