stephenie lagrossa survivor 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains': No. 13 Stephenie LaGrossaZap2it is counting down the “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains” eliminations. The next eliminee: Stephenie LaGrossa.

Disclaimer: No spoilers have gone into the production of these predictions, they are simply based on our feverish “Survivor” fandom.

This is our first really big prediction. Stephenie is a bad-ass of “Survivor” and we don’t even have to qualify that with “for a girl.” She’s just a straight up bad-ass.

However. We think the Hero men (Tom, JT, James, Rupert and Colby) will stick together and pick off the women, at least until the merge. Candice goes because she’s not overly strong and she’s kinda blah. Cirie and Sugar go because they are seen as not strong in challenges. That leaves Amanda and Stephenie and as much as my heart says “Stephenie all the way!” my head says, “Amanda is more likable.”

As far as strength in challenges goes, Stephenie certainly looks stronger but Amanda’s no slouch in that department. We think it ultimately comes down to a social game and we think Amanda’s got Stephenie beat on that front.

We do realize that we just said 3 Heroes women will get knocked off in a row. But we honestly think that after the Villains stumble early, they’ll come on strong and send the Heroes to Tribal several times in a row leading up to the merge and Cirie, Sugar and Stephenie will be the casualties.

Tomorrow: Tom Westman! (GASP)

How do you guys think we’re doing so far? Are we being totally crazy?

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No. 14 Sugar
No. 15 Cirie
No. 16 Parvati
No. 17 Coach
No. 18 Candice
No. 19 Jerri
No. 20 Randy

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