sugar kiper 320 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains': No. 14 Jessica 'Sugar' KiperZap2it is handicapping the “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains” contestants. Up now: Sugar.

Disclaimer: None of these posts are spoiler-fueled, these are all based on our feelings about the upcoming season of “Survivor” based on watching all the previous seasons.

Sorry, Sugar. We loved you on “Survivor: Gabon.” But we think you’re going to be done pretty early on “Heroes vs. Villains.”

Seriously, we found Sugar to be a delight on her first season. She found the Immunity Idol when lawyer Dan could not, she stayed a record number of days on Exile Island and she made the Final Three (losing to Bob, which was fine, but also placing behind Susie, which we thought was a bit ridiculous).

But this time around, we don’t see Sugar sticking in the game terribly long. When we started this project, we felt we had to make some basis premises to operate under and one of them was the Heroes tribal jumping out to an early lead, cooperation-wise and challenge-wise. If we had decided to go the other way, with the Villains jumping out to an early lead, Sugar would’ve been the first person gone. Why Sugar ahead of Cirie and Candice? Because we think the longer the tribe is together, the better Sugar will be at staying around.

Hence if the Heroes are winning, she makes it to the third tribal instead of leaving first. If the Heroes lose, we think Sugar’s toast. The first few votes are all about making the tribe stronger and while we thought Sugar played an excellent game last time and proved far tougher than we thought, if you look around and compare her to Candice, Amanda and Stephenie, she doesn’t stack up and Cirie is inherently more likable than Sugar.

Since we feel that the Villains tribe will have a hard time at first, we think Sugar survives a few episodes but is ultimately the seventh person voted out of “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.”

Tomorrow: Stephenie LaGrossa. (GASP)

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