parvati shallow 320 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains': No. 16 Parvati ShallowZap2it is handicapping the “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains” contestants. Our gal Friday (Jan. 22): Parvati Shallow.

Disclaimer: These are not based on any spoiler-y knowledge of the “Survivor” season, these are based upon our opinions of the past contestants/seasons.

Don’t worry, the 4 of you who read this piece every day — soon we will start predicting some Heroes to head home. But we really do think early on that the Heroes tribe will dominate the challenges and the first few people headed home will be Villains.

Parvati is our pick for 5th to go home. After Jerri, she and Courtney Yates tie for the most annoying female Villain and while Parvati may be better in challenges than Courtney, we think the men of the Villains tribe will see Parvati’s strategy of “flirt and preen” as ridiculous. Also, Russell likes to get rid of women who don’t side with him, which is why we think Jerri and Parvati will be quickly ousted.

Another reason we think Parvati will be a target is because while she only finished 6th in “Survivor: Cook Islands,” she won the money on “Survivor: Fans vs Favorites.” People who have already won the million have a harder time sticking around the second (or third) time they play and with no young, buff men for Parvati to cling to or a girl-power alliance for her to form (we just can’t see that happening with the 5 Villain women), she’s going to be sent home early.

Monday: Cirie Fields

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