jerri manthey survivor 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains': No. 19 Jerri MantheyZap2it is handicapping the 20 contestants on “Survivor: Heroes vs Villains.” Tuesday, Jan 19: Jerri Manthey’s early exit.

Disclaimer: We have no spoilers about the upcoming season, this series of posts about the order we think the contestants get booted is pure speculation.

As we said yesterday, we are operating under the premise that the Heroes will initially work together better than the Villains will, which means the Villains are headed to Tribal first. Abrasive Randy Bailey is headed home first, but we think alleged b***h Jerri Manthey is headed out second.

Why Jerri? Because honestly, we aren’t sure why she’s even invited. Manthey finished smack in the middle of the pack on “Survivor: Australia” and 10th on “Survivor: All Stars.” Her game play has never impressed us and she’s far too excited to play up her caricature as a witch, instead of actually *being* one, which instead just makes her annoying.

We think her only chance in the game is making an alliance with old friend Colby and trying to charm the other Heroes men, but since the tribes are divided, there goes that plan. We can’t see the 5 Villain men being terribly charmed by her — honestly, out of Russell, Randy, Tyson, Coach and Boston Rob? Maybe Boston Rob, but we don’t like her chances. Nor can we see her befriending the Villain women (maybe Danielle, but Sandra and Courtney certainly not and Parvati will see Jerri as a threat to who’s prettiest), which leaves Jerri without an alliance and headed home second.

Tomorrow: Candice Woodcock

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