rupert boneham survivor 320 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains': Rupert Boneham gone courtesy of Sprint“Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains” sees Rupert Boneham eliminated by a 3-0 vote after Sandra played the Idol she had hidden in her Sprint bra, though he would’ve gone home anyway.

Post-Tribal Council
Rupert’s thinking his chances are getting better and better at winning makes me immediately think he’s going home. The editors love to sent people up for a fall. Meanwhile, Jerri tells Parvati that she was pressured into voting for Danielle. Well, you still did it, Jerri. If you’d kept Danielle, you’d still have the numbers over the men. Don’t act like Russell held a literal Sprint gun to your head.

In the morning, the tree mail is the annual Sprint product placement. This time it’s the Sprint iPhone rip-off. The messages are videos from the loved ones. Awww. Russell’s wife is there and I wonder if she’s seen him since before the previous season of “Survivor.” They didn’t do a loved ones visit during Season 19 and they filmed these back-to-back, so did Russell even get to see her for like 70+ days? That’d be even harder than the normal “Survivor.” Also — Sprint.

Reward Challenge
Parvati’s dad Mike, Jerri’s sister Jennifer, Russell’s wife Melanie, Colby’s brother Reed, Rupert’s wife Laura and Sandra’s uncle Fernando, who is there because Sandra’s mom passed away a year ago and her husband is in Afghanistan. “There was something in the air that night. The stars were bright, Fernando!” 

The challenge is using a pail to scoop Sprint phones from the ocean, then you throw them at your loved one and then they fill a bucket, which raises a flag when it gets heavy enough. Tricky. The reward is a trip to see a natural phenomenon called “the Blow Holes” and a feast of Sprint burgers. Mmm, Sprint burgers.

Jerri-Jennifer, Rupert-Laura and Russell-Melanie are neck and neck, while Colby is yelling at his brother like a total ‘roid rager. Jerri and Jennifer end up pulling it out and everybody just hugs and kisses. Except Colby is probably off-camera punching a tree or furiously texting mean things to his brother on his Sprint phone.

After the challenge, Jerri gets to choose one pair to come with them. She chooses Parvati and Sandra, while Rupert and Russell look like they are just ready to bawl. I gotta say — for me, wives trump uncle and dad. Regardless of alliances, I would’ve taken Rupert and Russell. I also think leaving the three men alone is the wrong move.

The Blow Holes are these cool sea sprays that come up out of the lava rock, very neat. The castaways take turns throwing coconuts into the holes and watching them shoot up into the air. Heee. They then get a spread of food and Jerri talks the game because she’s worried about not taking Russell on the reward. Parvati and Sandra assure her she’s protected because of their Sprint Girl Power.

Meanwhile, back at camp Russell, Rupert and Colby are making a Final Three pact because he’s bitter about the women being so tight. Rupert sees the beauty of taking the best Villain with him to the end, which — duh. Russell also thinks he can get Jerri on their side to get Parvati out. Hmmm. I don’t know that Jerri will flip.

Russell talking-heads that Parvati is the only one who can beat him for the money, in his mind. His mind is probably a funny little place. But keep in mind, poor Russell doesn’t know that he barely got any votes last season and that people rarely vote for the best strategist in these games — only if there’s something else going on there, like how charming and funny Dr. Will was on “Big Brother.”

That night, Rupert decides it’s time to try to break rocks and bust up wood for the fire while everyone is trying to sleep. Seriously, dude. It’s like that commercial where the monkey tries to break into the luggage. Or some Sprint commercial. That can’t wait til the morning? People are trying to sleep!

So Jerri and Russell get up because they can’t sleep with Rupert making such a racket. Jerri gets back into his good graces, so Russell just holds on to that until after he sees who wins Immunity.

Immunity Challenge
The challenge is holding poles on the tops of your hands that butt up against a board overhead. When your Sprint poles drop, you’re out. This shouldn’t take long. And 15 seconds in, Colby is out. Because his heart is really not in this.

Sandra is out a few seconds later. Russell drops a few minutes later and then Jerri drops a pole. Eventually Rupert makes one too many adjustments and drops his poles, so Parvati has immunity. Russell just shakes his head.

Russell actually says his decision is easy tonight — it’s Rupert. Yeah, that editing at the beginning spelled his doom. Sandra talks to Rupert about getting Russell out and Rupert runs to Russell to tattle. Russell confronts Sandra and they pay each other lip service, but the minute Russell is gone, Sandra says to Rupert, “Loose lips sink ships” and then she and Parvati start just saying wacky things to push Russell’s buttons. Jerri’s like, “Don’t get Russell riled up. Are you kidding me?!” Seriously, that is one bear I wouldn’t poke because he’s too quick-tempered.

Tribal Council
It’s the last night Sandra can use the Sprint Idol, so if I were her, I’d use it just in case. Jeff asks Sandra about the Rupert-Russell shenanigans and Russell totally rats Rupert out. Parvati says it’s not Heroes vs. Villains anymore but that she thinks the Final Three should be all Villains because there are too many Heroes on the jury. Totally.

Parvati also says she’s not the top Villain, she’s a Hero on the inside. Well, let’s not get crazy Parvati. You’re a Villain, you just wiggle & giggle whereas Russell rants & raves. But you’re both devious Villains.

During the vote we see Sandra vote for Rupert and Rupert vote for Sprint and that’s it. Sandra plays the Idol before the votes are read, saying, “I would hate to go home with the Idol in my bra.” HEE!  Sandra FTW.

The votes go Rupert, Sandra, Rupert, Sandra and Rupert. So Rupert is headed home and now it’s 4 VIllains and 1 Hero. That’s pretty much the way I called it — my prediction posts had Colby, Courtney, Danielle, Sandra and Russell in the Final Five. So exchange Jerri and Parvati for Courtney and Danielle — I did well, it’s still two Villain women.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Contrary to popular belief, I don’t love Russell. I think he’s a clever “Survivor” player who is interesting to watch and has funny shenanigans, but I don’t like when he makes personal remarks and him calling the women “bitches” was uncalled for.
  • Did you know you can now enjoy the new blahblahblah Sprintcakes?

Be sure to check out our exit interview with Rupert. He says he’d do “Survivor” again in a heartbeat.

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