tom westman survivor 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains': Tom Westman's fire is extinguished“Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains” loses one of the good ones in Tom Westman.

Sorry, gang, This is going to be abbreviated because I got back very late from the “American Idol” Top 12 red carpet and still have to process video from that.

So, James gets hurt during the Reward Challenge and Amanda acts like Jeff Probst took him out and shot him like a lame horse. When James finally heroically reappears in camp, Amanda runs to him and I expect them to crash to the ground making out or something. It’s weird and kinda gross.

Meanwhile, at the Villains camp Coach leads some Coach Chi for the group, which is actually a cool way to bond. It also gives Russell a chance to dig for the Hidden Immunity Idol, which he finds. Heh heh.

The Immunity Challenge is a blindfold challenge with a caller. Remember a few years ago when little Michelle was the caller and just WHOOSH fell right off the caller’s stand? That was hilarious (once it was apparent that she was okay, of course).

The two callers are Jerri and James and they both do a pretty decent job. James gets all the Heroes pieces back first, but once again the Villains solve their puzzle first. Wow. That is just incredible the way they do that. Brains prevails over brawn yet again.

Rupert comments to JT and Candice that James with a bum leg is still stronger than Tom. Uh, what? Did Rupert watch Tom’s season? Candice points out that that’s a risky move adn Rupert remarks that if that’s their criteria, they should’ve put him out. Uh, duh. You want a strong tribe? Boot Rupert’s ass.

I can’t see how they wouldn’t vote James out. He’s pretty much worthless on physical challenges now. And J.T. is getting enough rope to hang himself with by swearing an alliance and a vote with everybody on the tribe.

There’s some more back and forth between Tom and James at Tribal, but it’s nothing new. James does comment that Candice is hustling her next thing or something and I don’t love him making her sound like a whore, but perhaps he meant it a different way.

The votes go Tom, Tom, James, James, Tom, Tom. So the silver fox is off “Survivor.” That’s a bummer, he’s a smart, good guy and James is a petulant bully.

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