Between the flu and American Idol, your regular Survivor: Micronesia – Fans vs. Favorites recapper, Dan, is close to delusional this week. So, I’m stepping into the  morass on his behalf.

Pre-credit sequence. Remember last week when Mikey B. thought he had everyone voting his way? Well, he’s figured out that Joel betrayed him. Already. He tries to bully Joel into realizing that he’s throwing his lot in with "four girls and a kid" (and yes, he is including Chet as one of the girls), but Joel is hanging tough.

Cirie still playing monkey in the middle. Parvati, Amanda, James and Ozzy invite Eliza down to the beach for a bonfire and to pump her for imformation about her alliance with Jonathan, Ami and Yau-Man. Eliza reports back while Cirie hangs out. She’s the swing vote, but it doesn’t look like our Cirie can handle the great reponsibility that comes with great power.

Let’s get physical. What’s better than the Toys ‘R’ Us catalog? The Survivor Comfort catalog. After adorning themselves with war paint, the Fans and Favorites go at it for three items of their choice. Even though there’s rain, the game doesn’t remotely resemble the Mud Bowl on Rock of Love. The Favorites win, snagging shelter, lighting and survival kits. The also to send Kathy back to Exile Island along with their gal Ami.

Cirie weighs her options. Not having a secure position in an alliance is starting to wear on Cirie. She feels that she has to continuously scramble to make sure everything works out in her favor. Also, what’s up with no one courting her vote with bribes? She goes out on the raft with Amanda and Parvati who promise her if she comes over to their side they’ll take her to the Final Three, showmances be damned. Cirie seems to believe them. Girl, you can’t be that stupid. Still, their promise that they’ll vote off Yau-Man next chance they get has Cirie intrigued.

Exile Island deja vu. Ami reads the clue, but Kathy plays dumb as to what they mean since she has no desire to repeat the island-hopping she did with Cirie last week.

Once by nature. Once by the other tribe. Losing the Luxury Challenge to the Favorites really hits the Fans hard when a rainstorm comes in the night. While the Favorites head up to the cave and spoon under a tarp, the Fans are exposed to the elements. They still manage to score a win at the Immunity Challenge though which should keep them warm the next night.

Come back from Exile Island. Lose the challenge. Go to Tribal Council. Does it get any worse on Survivor? Well, yes, Ami, it does. Ozzy is balking at Parvati and Amanda’s promise to Cirie that they’ll take out Yau-Man in exchange for her joining their alliance. He thinks Eliza needs to go since she’s a weak player. Yau-Man is smart, which is exactly why Cirie wants him gone, since she doesn’t want him getting his hands on the Immunity Idol.

Jonathan vs. Cirie. Part 1. Jonathan is determined to get rid of that little sex kitten Pavarti. He tries to convince Cirie that the couples will get rid of her the first chance they get. Cirie continues to react the way people who know that they aren’t as smart as those around them do: she digs her heels in and draws Jonathan into a pissing match about how she’s played the game before and got farther in it than he did.

Divided they fall? Realizing that the couples alliance is split between voting for Eliza and Yau-Man, Jonathan is hoping that he can keep it that way. If only three of them vote one way, he, Ami, Yau-Man and Eliza will be enough to get rid of Parvati.

Tribal Council: Jonathan vs. Cirie. Part 2. At Tribal Council, Cirie tries to tell Jeff that her vote is not only good for her, but for the Tribe. Jonathan slams her for being selfish and a whole bunch of dirty laundry gets aired. For once, everyone else keeps their mouth shut rather than draw attention to themselves.

The Vote.
Cirie gets her way and Yau-Man is sent home. Interestingly though, of the other two votes we see, one is for Pavarti, but the other is for Cirie. Obviously, Jonathan’s alliance isn’t as strong as he thought.

What do you think? Did Cirie do the right thing or will short-term gains pave the way for her long-term loss?

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