ben henry holly survivor 'Survivor: Nicaragua': Ben 'Benry' Henry blindsidedIn the wake of the quitters, the final seven on “Survivor: Nicaragua” are divided and Sash has to figure out which way to go.


Following Kelly and NaOnka quitting, the tribe names one of their chickens “Kelly Nay” because they were both chicken. Hee. The next morning, Sash puts the Hidden Immunity Idol up for grabs between Benry, Chase and Fabio, basically telling them to make their cases and he’ll figure out who to give it to. Chase takes him aside and says that they should align with Jane and Holly.

Reward Challenge

The challenge is an obstacle course made up of bits and pieces of past challenges. Mud pit, hay pile, ball into barrel. First four to get their ball in move on. Then a key-stick, chest, sandbags on a barrel. First two move on. Final round is paddle to dig up rope rings and land the rings on a target to win. Winning person gets a trip to a private resort.

After round one, Chase, Jane, Benry and Holly move on. Chase and Benry destroy round 2 and move on to the finals, where Chase smokes it. I mean, that practically looked rigged, it was so perfect. Wow. He chooses to bring Holly because she gave up her reward last time and Jane (much to Sash’s consternation because they’d previously talked about Sash getting a reward because he’s gone so long without one).

While those three are gone, Sash works on the remaining men for an alliance but Dan seems to smell what Sash is shoveling. He clearly is floundering since his two ladies quit and nobody really trusts him now. The problem is whichever three-person alliance gets him wins, so everybody needs him right now too.

On the reward, Jane is pretty excited about the tiki hut facilities and I shall refrain from  making the obvious Southern-outdoor-plumbing joke. While she showers, Chase and Holly lament his giant mistake in picking Jane instead of Sash for the reward. Uh, yeah. Duh. How in the hell did that happen, Chase?

When the reward people get back, Jane cries about the fact that they ate her chicken. She makes a little cross and is sad. Awww, I feel ya, Jane. I would have trouble with that too, no matter how hungry I was.

Benry approaches Chase about flip-flopping and Fabio’s name gets bandied about for the vote. So Chase goes to work on Sash, trying to find out where his head’s at. Sash says that Benry’s claim that he wants to play with them and Fabio is going next is a straight up lie and that Benry needs to go next. Benry goes to Dan and Fabio to tell them Sash is talking to Chase and Holly. Oh, it’s a tangled mess. So Benry wanders up to the Sash/Chase/Holly group and they all “agree” on Fabio (or if he wins Immunity, Jane next). Hmm. If I were Benry, I’d be nervous.

Immunity Challenge

The challenge is unravel the rope you are hitched to until you have enough to reach a bag full of gold coins. The first three to get their bags of coins have to do the gold coin puzzle. Fabio, Sash and Benry advance. Benry isn’t so hot at puzzles and kinda gives up. Sash and Fabio are right in it, but Sash pulls it out. 


Fabio is rightly worried, he knows if Sash goes with Jane/Holly/Chase that he’s one of the ones in trouble. Sash and Chase tell Dan and Benry it’s Fabio and Benry tells Fabio it’s Holly.

Tribal Council

When the jury members arrive, Jeff says, “and our two quitters, NaOnka and Purple Kelly.” Heh heh. There’s some filler about Chase’s reward choice, but honestly, there isn’t much suspense tonight. It’s Benry or Fabio and it’s probably Fabio. Even Jeff can’t spice up this Tribal Council much. They unfortunately do not tell NaOnka and Kelly that they named the chicken after them and then ate it.

The Vote

We do not see any votes. When they are read, it goes Holly, Fabio, Fabio, Benry, Benry, Benry and Benry. Wow. So Fabio voted for Holly, Dan and Benry voted for Fabio and the rest voted for Benry? Interesting. 

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