brenda chase sash survivor 'Survivor: Nicaragua': Brenda Lowe or Ben Henry   who goes home?Jane is a rock star in another challenge and the jury gets another member on the latest “Survivor: Nicaragua” episode.

Brenda’s pretty haughty about taking out Marty and that Fabio and Benry are on the chopping block. She calls herself the king to Sash’s queen, which just as to be setting her up for an ouster, right? I love when editors have that kind of hubris to work with. Lo and behold, Holly and Jane start rallying the troops to vote either Brenda or Sash out next (Brenda, preferably), but Chase isn’t so sure. He thinks Benry should go next.

Creepy night-vision snake.

As the rains roll in, the group puts their chests around the fire and try to shelter it. Uh oh. Looks like the gun introduced in Act I is going to burn the camp down in Act II.

Creepy snake.

Reward Challenge
Two teams of five have four barrels, two planks and 10 ft of rope to scale a length of beach without touching the ground. If anyone touches, they start over. They’re playing for a trip to an active volcano for volcano boarding and a pizza party.

The teams are Chase/Kelly/Jane/NaOnka/Fabio and Sash/Holly/Brenda/Dan/Benry. The teams start by putting their barrels on their sides, which I think seems a little precarious because they’ll roll. Hmm. The blue team forgoes their fourth barrel and gets a system going, while Dan seems to be struggling for the yellow team. Then the yellow team falls and have to start over. The blue team never makes a mistake, though, and wins easily.

Jeff Probst to the yellow team: “If this were life or death, you’d be dead.” Well, good thing it’s NOT life or death, huh Jeff?

The survivors go sliding down the volcano on these boards, it looks fun. Like sledding, only dirtier. “Fun as crap,” as Jane says. While they eat, NaOnka takes Fabio off to tell him everybody wants Brenda off, but they have to keep it a secret.

Back at camp, the fire gun has gone off and is burning everything. Those idiots — one of the burnt chests had all their food in it. When the reward people get back, Chase immediately runs to Brenda to tell her that Holly is orchestrating Brenda’s elimination. He THEN tells NaOnka that he told Brenda. He just can’t keep his mouth shut about anything, can he? So NaOnka tells Benry, Jane and Holly that they can’t trust Chase because he’s playing both sides. Sigh. Chase, you are pretty but dumb.

Fast creepy snake.

Immunity Challenge
The challenge is a small platform over a water pit while holding on to a rope. Every 5 minutes they move their hands further down the rope. Last person standing wins. When the challenge starts, the first knot is actually pretty far down to begin with. People start struggling right away and Sash and Kelly fall almost immediately, followed by Holly, Brenda, Dan, Fabio, NaOnka before the first 5 minutes are up.

When it’s time to move to the next knot, Benry (turning maroon from the effort) falls first, leaving Chase and Jane. Man, Jane is a rock star. She’s struggling mightily, but Chase falls first. Wow.

Chase and Sash think Benry is the biggest threat, but if they only have their votes plus Brenda, that’s not enough. So Sash approaches NaOnka and she clues him into the Brenda vote. He seems to read the room pretty well and might vote Brenda too.

Fast creepy snake again.

Brenda decides not to scramble because she doesn’t want to look desperate. Hmm. I think Brenda is packing her bags. Unless Sash gives her the Idol, but I don’t think he will. He should keep it.

Tribal Council
Brenda is gunning for NaOnka because she thinks Na is the one who turned on Brenda. NaOnka tries to spin it, but Brenda knows she’s full of crap. It’s really a lot of fluff — I think we all know that Brenda is going home.

During the vote, we only see Holly vote for Brenda and Brenda vote for NaOnka. Neither Brenda nor Sash plays the Hidden Immunity Idol and the votes go Brenda, NaOnka, Benry, Brenda, Brenda, Brenda and Brenda goes home.

Questions for Brenda? Leave ’em in the comments.

During her exit speech, a giant snake eats Brenda. Not really, but seriously — what was with the snakes this episode?!

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