jane fabio dan survivor 'Survivor: Nicaragua': Jane, Dan and Fabio are whiners; Jeff Probst more manipulative than everAfter Benry’s blindside, Fabio is a little concerned about not knowing what is going on. Rightly so, as Sash talking-heads that Fabio is next if he doesn’t win Immunity. Sash is possibly getting the Hubris Edit, because he thinks he’s in complete control of the game. And maybe he is. Or maybe I’ll be interviewing him tomorrow morning.

Reward Challenge
They jump right into the reward with a Sprint phone that has videos of their families on it. This product placement is annoying but it seems pretty small potatoes in the face of that “Gulliver’s Travels” nonsense a few weeks ago. After seeing the videos, one question really springs to mind — do you think he got teased a lot about his hot mom growing up?

The loved ones show up at the challenge: Chase’s mom Connie, Fabio’s mom Ann, Sash’s mom Leigh, Dan’s son Matthew, Jane’s daughter Ashley and Holly’s husband Charlie. I know it’s absolutely absurd that it’s only been roughly a month they’ve been away from their families (and they do this every season), but this still always makes me cry. Geez louise.

The challenge is sending the Survivors into water for letter tiles, then a puzzle that the loved ones have to solve that spells “family comes first.” All teams are fairly close except Dan, who lags behind a bit. In the end, Chase’s mom Connie gets the puzzle first and Chase chooses Sash becuase he hasn’t been on a reward for awhile and Holly.

Fabio starts having a bit of a fit about not being chosen and almost calls Chase a naughty word; Dan calls Chase a “scumbag.” Well, that’s classy you two. Everybody wants to see their loved one more, nobody is more or less deserving and it’s your stupid mom’s fault she didn’t solve the puzzle faster. No need to be all sore loser, plus you’re going to see your family in a week when this is over!

Back at camp, Fabio and Dan can’t stop complaining and moaning about it. Jane jumps into the fray too, talking about how he made “a million dollar decision today.” Oh my god, you whiners! Seriously, get over yourselves. Not everybody could win and I guarantee you if Holly didn’t get chosen, she wouldn’t have gone back to camp and bad-mouthed Chase.

The reward is uneventful, but Chase knows he’s got some mad people to deal with when he gets back to camp. Lo and behold, Fabio immediately starts in on Chase and he really just comes across as a whiny baby.

Immunity Challenge
The Immunity Challenge is a blindfolded rope-guide memorization debacle where you have to recreate a shield that you memorized by touch alone. It comes down to Fabio and Chase, with Fabio finishing first — but he’s not correct at first. Seconds later, he switches a piece and wins. Fabio is safe. Innnnteresting.

Sash approaches Chase about getting Jane out, but Chase wants to keep her and oust Dan. Holly starts to work on Chase too, she knows they have to get rid of Jane whenever they can, but Chase wants to keep her until the Final Four.

Jane wanders up and they actually tell her it’s probably her. Are you kidding?! Jane is naturally upset, but she has to realize how big of a threat she is for the money, right? Man, I do not agree with telling her because now they have to deal with her anger until Tribal Council. Blindside her and then she just has to leave. She then invokes the gross reality show attitude of “Sash’s mama raised a liar” and “I’m proud of the way I played.” Spare me. You’re on a damn reality show, let’s not act like it’s World War II. Jane then has a big tantrum and puts out the campfire. What are you, nine years old?

Tribal Council
Jane gets called out on her tantrum and she goes a bit nutty about her possible ouster. She calls out Holly on stealing somebody’s shoes? $1400 worth of shoes? Jane is coming across as a complete nutbag.

Chase then confirms with Sash and Holly that the next two to go are Fabio and Dan. I agree with Jeff — “ballsy.” So Jeff stirs up Dan, Fabio and Jane to align together. Jane tosses out Holly’s name because the other two guys have an Idol and tonight is the last night to play it. Wow, that is more manipulative than I think we’ve ever seen Jeff Probst act. (I did love the impression of his mom he did, though).

If Chase or Sash has half a brain, one of them would give Holly his Idol. The other three haven’t had time to agree on anybody but Holly.

The Vote
We don’t see any votes. Chase and Sash play their Idols for themselves, which is so dumb. Give one to Holly, you idiots! The votes go Jane, Jane, Jane and Jane. Interesting. I thought they had a chance there to at least make a tie, but looks like Dan couldn’t do it.

When we see the votes, it turns out both Fabio and Dan voted Jane. Huh. They had such a good opportunity to at least try to do something and they didn’t. That’s weak.

Next week: It’s the finale and it’s on Sunday night (Dec. 19), so don’t forget!

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