survivor merge 'Survivor: Nicaragua': Jane is a hero but still can't get her wayOn the latest “Survivor: Nicaragua,” Jane proved to be even more awesome than we already thought, but she still can’t oust the person she wants gone the most.

The Merge
Following Jill’s ouster, Marty is a tad worried about his safety (having given up the Idol like a big dummy), but then the merge comes — possibly his hide is saved. La Flor heads to Espada’s beach for a big merge feast.

Before La Flor arrives, Alina says all of Espada is going to stick together and oust Marty. She does not hear the crickets chirping as she relays this plan to the others.

When the tribes merge, NaOnka gets her panties in a twist about making tortillas and then getting the last one, which is also the smallest. Yes, your tribemates are pigs. But perhaps you should’ve just said something, instead of stealing the flour, pan and some fruit like an  immature drama queen.

She of course gets caught because she’s kinda stupid — Holly saw her take the flour and NaOnka also can’t lie worth a damn — and she finally comes clean with some BS reason about wanting to portion out the flour. Nobody believes you for a second, Crazypants.

The Challenge
The Immunity Challenge involves holding two metal handles tightly so that a rod threaded through them does not drop. One man and one woman will win Immunity. Jane turns out to be a total badass by staying long enough not only to win Immunity, but to outlast all the men except Fabio — she did outlast him, but he dropped after he won. I don’t know that she beats him if they would’ve just kept going, but maybe she would have. Jane for President.

After the challenge, the women all agree that Marty needs to go. Yeah, he’s wearing pretty thin on me too. All the women plus Chase are on board, but Sash wants Alina because he doesn’t want to be held to his promise to give the Idol back to him. Jane is arguing pretty strongly for Marty, but her new “alliance” won’t do it. So Alina starts in on Fabio to vote for Marty, but Fabio then starts in on wanting NaOnka gone. So it’s pretty up in the air right now, but I’d wager Alina is who I will be interviewing next.

Tribal Council
Marty decides to “clear the air” at Tribal by getting all pompous, handing Jane a few back-handed compliments and then talking about how she’s a slam dunk to win the game. He also paints quite a target on his back in doing so.

The food incident comes up and NaOnka doesn’t have a leg to stand on — maybe she should’ve borrowed Kelly B’s. She is seriously the worst and I can’t believe she’s still in the game.

The Vote
We see Jane and Alina vote for Marty and Sash and Ben vote for Alina (Ben calls her a “dirt squirrel,” which … uh, okay). The votes go Marty, Marty, Alina, Alina, Alina, Alina, Alina, Alina and Alina. Bummer.

Questions for Alina? Leave ’em in the comments.

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