jimmy johnson survivor 320 2 'Survivor: Nicaragua': Jimmy Johnson's torch is snuffed“Survivor: Nicaragua” loses its celebrity contestant in Jimmy Johnson, and only three weeks in. Bummer.

La Flor
NaOnka is not happy about the fake unity and she continues to hate Jud because he’s kind of an idiot. He is, but she’s a real witch about, well, everything. Stop complaining!

Alina and Kelly B. are in trouble because they were aligned with Shannon. So now it’s Kelly Purple, NaOnka, Chase, Brenda and Sash who are allies and they need the guys for challenges, so Alina is the target if they lose immunity.

Jimmy Johnson tracks down some monkeys because they want the monkeys’ food. He hoots and hollers at them, while various tribe members talking-head about whether or not they like Jimmy. Marty and Jimmy T. clearly are threatened/jealous about him because their idea that he’s a threat is silly. He won’t win the money, he’s filthy rich and famous!

Marty reveals to the tribe that he has the HII and says they’ll all use it when they merge, which everybody loves. Tyrone is glad the HII is out in the open, but he still thinks Marty is shady. You and me both, Tyrone. Meanwhile, Danny is really struggling physically. He’ll probably be in danger if they lose immunity.

They are collecting barrels, arranging them on platforms and them tossing sandbags onto the barrels. First tribe to get a bag on each of 10 barrels wins Immunity plus spices, sauces, fruit, and herbs.

The young ‘uns choose not to use the Medallion of Power, which would have started them with two barrels already on their platforms. The tribes are neck and neck going into the sandbag toss, but the young ‘uns have a slight lead.

Tyrone and Ben are the tossers to start and gives the oldies a 5 to 2 lead when Chase takes over, he doesn’t hit any so Ben takes back over. He manages to tie it up 6-6, then takes a 7-6 lead. Jimmy T. wants to take over, but Tyrone won’t let him. Jimmy T. finally takes over when it’s 9-7 and immediately lands one but the young ‘uns win anyway, 10-7.

There’s a HII clue in the basket and NaOnka wrestles Kelly B. for it, smushing the bananas in the process. Because NaOnka is a bitch. Sorry, but she is. Man, this tribe is in shambles. The oldies will rock them once they merge. NaOnka is too stupid to decipher the clue, but she shows it to Brenda.

At Espada, Jimmy T. starts whining about being underutilized because he’s “an obvious leader” and apparently some kind of wizard. I don’t know, but he’s annoying. But Tyrone is being whiny too. Too many chiefs in this tribe.

Jimmy J. and Marty talk strategy and Jimmy’s thinking maybe Danny because his attitude kinda sucks and he’s struggling, but privately Marty is thinking Jimmy J. so “people lose their daddy.” Marty shores up Danny, Jill and Jimmy T., but we’ll see if Jimmy J. can rally his own alliance with Jane, Holly, Yve and Tyrone.

Tribal Council
Jimmy T. says that he thinks Jimmy J. is threatened by his leadership skills. Hmm. There are also concerns voiced about Dan’s knee problems. Jimmy T. says they have 3 or 4 weak players, but everybody then says they are not the weak players, except Jimmy J., who cops to being the oldest and one of the weaker players. Probably not a good thing to admit, but I respect that he was honest.

The Vote
We only see Jimmy T. vote for Jimmy J. with a sanctimonious, whiny comment about not being listened to. The vote goes Jimmy J., Danny, Jimmy J., Jimmy J., Jimmy J. and Jimmy J. Jimmy T. can barely contain his smirk.

Well, that’s a bummer. Got questions for Jimmy? We’ll interview him tomorrow morning, so leave them in the comments. We love that he was so gracious in his exit comments at the end.

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