survivor ladies 'Survivor: Nicaragua': Kelly Bruno, Marty Piombo, Dan Lembo   who went home?“Survivor: Nicaragua” had a big shake up when two people were sent home — we were pretty bummed that it was Kelly Bruno and Yve Rojas.


The tribes are playing amongst themselves for an individual immunity necklace and each tribe is sending someone home tonight. Ooooh. The challenge is digging for a rope ring that is tossed into a basket behind their backs. There are three rings to be found, caught and put on a rack. The winner from each tribe will square off for a reward — reward is a ring toss and the reward is a feast. The winning tribe gets to go to Tribal first, then gets to watch the other tribe’s council while they eat their feast. Nice.

Espada goes first. Ben, Alina and Holly are neck and neck for the win and Holly pulls it out. Wow, good for you older lady! When La Flor goes, it’s down to Kelly B., Jill and Marty for the win. So two oldies and the girl with the artificial leg? Nice. Jill ends up pulling it out for La Flor. In the ring toss, Jill wins for La Flor. Aww, I was rooting for Holly.

La Flor

They’re a bit stuck since Jill has immunity and Marty has the Idol. Sash suggests they split the votes, three for Marty and three for Kelly B., but they tell Kelly B the three votes are going for Jane, hoping to flush the Hidden Immunity Idol. Of course, if he plays it, it’ll still be a tie.

It’s interesting that at this point they feel like Jane is more valuable than Kelly B. It’s not like they can’t get rid of Kelly in the future and she’s proven to be good in physical challenges and Jane is pretty old.

Marty starts bragging to Fabio about being a grandmaster in chess and telling him he’s got a plan to make a huge move. It’s a huge lie, but he may have duped Fabio. I’d actually love to see him pull this off, I’m not a fan of many young ‘uns this year. They need to get Kelly B. I don’t care that she’s got a sympathy, Marty/Jill need her right now.


Danny should go. He’s weak, he’s a whiner and he wants to quit. Duh. But Ben is gunning for Yve because she’s smart. That would be a better move on their part, but I hope it doesn’t happen. I like Yve. Chase and NaOnka think that Dan is the better choice. I can’t believe I agree with her on something. Yes. The tribe needs to be strong.

Of course, Yve puts her foot in her mouth by assuring Alina and NaOnka that she knows her former tribemates better than Dan. Oh, Yve. *headsmack*

Tribal Council

La Flor is first. They talk about Marty revealing the HII and I think that was a mistake. If they didn’t know, they’d gun for him tonight and he could get one of the young  ‘uns gone. Duh, Marty.

Marty mouths to Jane to vote for Brenda, but she votes for him anyway. Another duh. Jane should’ve be approached along time ago, dude. Marty chooses not the play the Idol, which is ballsy. After that Tribal, I would’ve played it for sure if I were Marty. The votes go Marty, Marty, Marty, Brenda, Brenda, Kelly B., Kelly B., Kelly B. So there is a tie. Can he play the HII now? It’d be cool if he could, but he can’t.

So it’s a re-vote between Marty and Kelly B and they cannot vote. The votes this time go Marty, Kelly B., Kelly B., Kelly B., and Kelly B., so she’s gone. Bummer, I liked her.

Espada comes to Tribal and Jeff is sure to rub it in to them about the feast. Dan says he doesn’t want to quit, but at times he does complain. Yve starts saying he’s not committed and complains all the time. She and Dan really get into it and it’s very obvious they’re both worried and trying to make their cases.

The vote goes Yve, Dan, Yve, Yve and Yve. Galdarnit! Two great women voted off in one episode. That stinks. I hate the way women play this game a lot of the time. You have got to shore up an alliance! Ugh. Have you not watched this game before?

What do you guys think?

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