survivor naonka 'Survivor: Nicaragua': NaOnka Mixon goes a little nuttyAt “Survivor: Nicaragua’s” latest Tribal Council, NaOnka went a little crazy, but it didn’t matter because the women finally got their act together and sent Marty packing.

Everyone was pretty annoyed with Marty’s anti-Jane rant at Tribal Council, so if he doesn’t win Immunity this week, I’d be surprised if he stuck around. Marty, of course, thinks everybody but him is “just stupid.” His big plan is to make everybody think NaOnka is going home, so the Idol is flushed out, but having everybody blindside Jane.

Reward Challenge
The tribe is divided into two teams — it just happens to end up men vs. women, which is hilarious. Because there is an odd number, Chase was not chosen and has to sit out, but he gets to chose one team to back and if they win, he goes with them on the reward.  He chooses the women — I think I would too. The winning team gets a treetop zip line tour and a barbecue.

The obstacle course starts with crawling through hay and the women take a slight lead, but when they get to the key portion, they are neck and neck. They crawl under ropes and again, neck and neck. When they have to bust through sticks, the men open up a lead that they never relinquish — Jane’s age shows as she can barely finish the course. The girls make a valiant effort, but that obstacle course was just not made for men vs. women, as evidence by the women barely being able to break through the brick wall.

Jeff does say at the end that nobody could’ve ever guessed that the challenge would’ve ended up men vs. women — clearly they did not plan for that. So he puts the guys on the spot to see if any of them want to give up their spot for any of the women — and nobody does. Interesting. If the women have any brains at all, they will use this opportunity to align against someone as a 6-person-strong alliance.


The reward looks awesome — zip lines rule. Marty uses the BBQ as a chance to align the men he’s with to act like NaOnka is going home but it’s really going to be Jane. I hope the women are doing this back at camp to get Marty off.

And they are — they talk about getting Marty out, but Brenda may not be on board. She doesn’t come right out and say it, but she seems hesitant. Chase calls her out on it and then she doesn’t like him nagging her about it. Back off, Chase. You’re going to drive her into the other alliance’s arms. Stop being so needy.

Immunity Challenge
The challenge involves a series of symbols and repeating the sequence back using a block. I would be all about mneumonics for this. SMAWMS — ship, musket, anchor, wheel, musket, ship. In the first round, Jane and NaOnka go out on the third symbol. Geez, guys. That’s weak. Dan goes down next. Marty is totally going to win this. Ugh.

Holly, Kelly and Sash go down next. Everybody else survives the first round. The next round is MSCADMW — musket, ship, coins, anchor, dagger, musket, wheel. Fabio goes down right away and then Chase. So it’s Marty, Benry and Brenda. Then Benry goes out. C’mon, Brenda. Beat Marty!

On the second-to-last symbol, Brenda says musket and knows she won when Marty picks the wheel. Yay Brenda!

Fabio and Benry think they need to just lay low and see how things shake out. Marty starts to plant the seeds for NaOnka going home — he approaches Brenda and she seems like quite the swing vote. She approaches Sash about not liking Chase/Holly/Jane calling the shots and maybe voting off someone other than Marty, but we don’t really see what they might do.

Tribal Council
Jane vs. Marty is the hot topic and Brenda agrees that Jane is the biggest threat to win the money. Woo, doesn’t Alina look pretty? Anyway, the conversation turns to NaOnka and she kind of smacks Jeff down for calling her out. When then gets into it about Marty — she just doesn’t like him. Yeah, I can sympathize NaOnka. But I don’t like you either, Na.

She gets a little nutty and starts dropping f-bombs, whle Marty just laughs in his condescendingly superior manner. Jeff is flabbergasted that NaOnka is still in the game, but Jeff — OF COURSE she is. Nobody likes her and she will NEVER win the money. It would be hard not to take her.

The Vote
We see Jane and Marty vote for each other. Then the votes go Jane, Marty, Jane, Jane, Jane, Marty, Marty, Marty, Marty and Marty. Yay!

Questions for Marty? Leave ’em in the comments.

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