shannon elkins survivor 'Survivor: Nicaragua': Shannon Elkins is not gay   they're in New York CityThings fall apart for the young tribe on “Survivor: Nicaragua” and Shannon, Holly and NaOnka all seem to be a bit crazypants.

At Espada, the old dudes don’t love Jimmy Johnson taking charge, especially Jimmy T. He is clearly threatened because Jimmy J. is cool and Jimmy T. is weird and kinda creepy. But the big news is that Holly is going nutty on her tribemates over snails. She dumps out their food, then when Dan makes fun of her, she fills his shoes with sand. WTF?! She then confesses and apologizes, but … wow. She’s a nutcase. NUT. CASE. Don’t they have a psychological assessment before they go on this show?

La Flor
At La Flor, Sash wants to get a minority alliance so he nabs NaOnka and the “Asian sensation” Brenda. He’s a fourth Jamaica, you see. NaOnka also says they need to get rid of Kelly B., the girl with the prosthetic leg, for fear that in a challenge where they race, it might fall off. Uh … okay. NaOnka then pulls her own shoe-nutty when she thinks someone stole one of her socks, so she takes someone else’s. Yes, that’s a good decision.

The challenge is racing through mud to look for a ball in a haystack. Once all four balls are collected, three tribe members use wooden shields to bounce the balls from player to player until all four balls are in a barrel. The reward is a choice between a tarp/rope or fishing gear.

The oldies choose to use their Medallion of Power to get one ball already in their barrel, which is one less person running through the mud and so on. NaOnka sits out for the young ‘uns and the challenge is off.

Jimmy Johnson is surprisingly spry for the oldies, he gets his ball before his opponent. The oldies are neck and neck with the young ‘uns, until Holly loses some ground for the oldies. When it comes down to the boards/barrels section, the young ‘uns quickly tie it up, but the oldies come back to take the lead and eventually win. Nice, oldies. They choose the fishing gear for their reward.

There’s a clue to the HII in the fishing gear and Jill figures it out, so she tells Marty and Jim. Uh, okay. I wouldn’t share that info, but whatever. And then Marty finds it, of course. 

Pre-Tribal Council
The girls (Alina, Kelly B.) are targeting Asian Sensation Brenda because she’s a tiny woman and is hanging out a lot with Chase. But there’s talk of NaOnka because she’s a nutjob. Brenda works on Chase to get Shannon out because he’s the ringleader, but Alina overhears them and tells everybody.

Tribal Council

Shannon totally calls out Chase and Brenda and they all start to fight like they’re 14 years old. Well done, young ‘uns. Shannon just keeps digging his own grave with being a jerk, including calling out Sash for being gay and then declaring that New York is full of gay people. Wow. WOW. Vote his butt OFF, he’s a lunatic. As an aside, I really don’t think Jud should be called Fabio. I think he should be Bizarro Smith Jerrod.

NaOnka and Bizarro Smith Jerrod then get into it and NaOnka is being cray-cray. This is a tribe of 6-year-olds. Holy cow. Bring on the oldies, these whiny punks suck.

The Vote

The only votes we see are Bizarro Smith Jerrod voting for Brenda and Brenda and Sash voting for Shannon. The votes go Shannon, Brenda, Shannon, Brenda, Shannon, Brenda, Shannon, Shannon and finally … Shannon. Yeah, dude. Way to be a crazy bigot.

Got questions for Shannon? Leave them in the comments, we’ll be interviewing him in the morning.

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