survivor nicaragua challenge 'Survivor: Nicaragua': The Idol changes handsOn the latest “Survivor: Nicaragua,” someone looks like a pretty big chump.

After voting Kelly B. and Yve off, the tribes are in a bit of unrest. Alina is the new target at Espada and Marty is mad he was targeted. He also wonders why Jane has flipped to the youngsters. He confronts her and she just laughs about voting for Marty. It’s kinda weird and definitely makes him suspicious.

Reward Challenge
A defender is on a perch in a big pool while the other tribe leap at the defender and throw a ball in a net. First tribe to score 5 points wins a reward that is a Nicaraguan farm experience with horseback riding and a big fresh breakfast.

La Flor sits out Jane and puts up Fabio as the defender. Chase is Espada’s defender. The first miss is Marty, then Fabio deflects Holly’s. Dan totally biffs his and his tribe should be ashamed they kept him over Yve. When Espada takes a 3-2 lead, Fabio takes time to pee in the pool. Nice, Fabio. It’s not like it’s super-nice water, but he’s just so unabashed about it. Ben eventually scores the 5th point for Espada and they win.

La Flor
The youngsters are being lazy, so when Jane catches a fish, she keeps it for herself. Awesome. I love Jane.

On the reward, NaOnka is a bit of a priss. We are all shocked at this turn of events, right? The feast looks delicious and everybody gets all emotional about sharing a meal together.

Immunity Challenge
Two members of each tribe roll cannonballs down a chute. Four other membes aim the chute at the other tribe’s tiles. FIrst tribe to break the five tiles wins. Sash sits out for La Flor. Up top for Espada is Ben and Alina, up top for La Flor is Brenda and Kelly.

La Flor scores first, but Espada comes back to hit four in a row and La Flor can’t hit again because they can’t agree on where to aim the chute. Espada ends up winning 5 to 2.

Fabio thinks they split votes for Marty and Jill to flush the Idol and then Jill goes home. But then Sash and Brenda think they’re going to get Marty to give Sash the Idol and then vote him out. Yeah, good luck with that.

Sash tells Marty that he should give him the Idol and they wont’ vote him out, then he’ll give it back to Marty if they lose the next Immunity Challenge. Uh, that makes no sense at all. At all. Why would Marty do that?

But then he does! Oh my god! He thinks Sash will live up to his word and he’ll live “one more cycle” and potentially get to the merge. But he would get one more cycle anyway! Either he gives the Idol to Sash or he plays it — either way, he survives another round and either way he’s out the Idol. Does he really think Sash is going to give it BACK? Marty, you are a moron.

Tribal Council
Marty admits to Jeff that he “may” have made a mistake. Uh, ya think? Sash then tells Jeff the Idol is now in his pocket. He says it might go down as one of the stupidest moves ever. Again — “might”?

Jeff then puts Sash on the spot and asks if he’d give the Idol to Brenda. He hesitates and manages to slip by saying if he doesn’t trust them, meaning to say if at some point they don’t trust him he would hand the Idol over. Hmmm.

The Vote
We only see Marty vote for Jane, Fabio vote for Marty and Jill vote for Jane. Oh, Marty. You big dummy. The vote goes Jane, Jane, Jill, Marty, Jill, Marty and Jill. Interesting. I can’t believe Sash and Brenda kept their word to Marty. I still think giving up the Idol comes back to bite Marty in the butt.

Next week: The Merge. Oh, Marty. You may have avoided looking like such an idiot.

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