tyrone davis survivor 'Survivor: Nicaragua': Tyrone Davis hogs the chicken and pays the priceTyrone Davis is too abrasive when the tribes are switched up and the young ‘uns send him home on the latest “Survivor: Nicaragua.”

The oldies aren’t too sad that Jimmy T. was sent packing. They dispense with the post-tribal within the first five minutes. Luckily, when they get to the challenge, Jeff switches the tribes up.

Reward Challenge
They draw for new captains — Brenda and Holly get the yellow rocks. INstead of alternating choices, Brenda writes down 3 oldies to join La Flor and Holly writes down 4 young ‘uns to join Espada. Brenda chooses Jane, Jill and Marty. Holly chooses Alina, Ben, Chase and NaOnka. Innnteresting.

So now the tribes are Holly, Alina, Ben, Chase, NaOnka, Danny, Tyrone and Yve vs. Brenda, Jane, Jill, Marty, Kelly B, Kelly S, Sash and Jud. I think Espada just got a lot stronger. Now the tribes are playing Plinko for reward where the tribe tries to catch the other tribe’s Plinko balls. They’re playing for two chickens and a rooster.

The tribes are fairly evenly matched in the challenge, with Marty making some great catches. In the end, Espada wins 3-2. Back at camp, Tyrone immediately lays down the law for the young ‘uns about how the camp runs. That seems like a good strategy, Ty. Holly immediately teams up with the young ‘uns because she was on the outs with her old tribe.

At La Flor, Jane is pumped to align with the young ‘uns too because she doesn’t like how tight Marty and Jill are. When the HII comes up, Marty comes clean about his having the Idol. He’s also outraged at how they they NaOnka get away with taking the clue. Brenda thinks Marty’s arrogant and stupid for telling them he has the Idol.

When the rainstorms start, NaOnka turns into the whiny baby that she always is. Seriously, she is terrible. She thinks she’s so tough and talks a good game, but she’s weak.

Immunity Challenge
Three members are strapped to a giant torture device wheel that spins them into water that they then spit into a bowl, which fills a tube. As the tube fills up, a ball is released. But that’s not all! The balls are used to break tiles. HOLY CRAP. This is a horrendous challenge.

Poor Kelly B., Kelly S., Brenda, Alina, Holly and Yve. They’re on the wheels. Espada figures out that if they spin slower they’ll get more in the bowls and La Flor can’t figure it out, but they end up fairly even going into the tile-breaking portion. Jane, Jud, Tyrone and Ben are tossing the ball and Jane/Jud turn out to be better than I thought they would be. La Flor wins.

NaOnka talking-heads that she thinks she’s done. So we all know she’s going to quit, right? Because she sucks.

The tribe decides to kill one of the chickens and keep one to make eggs. Everyone’s unhappy that Tyrone took more than his fair share of chicken. Well, they should’ve split it up and meted it out to everyone. Not just let everyone free-for-all on the food. So Ty is on the chopping block, but so is NaOnka because she’s so weak and useless.

Tribal Council
NaOnka seems to have decided against quitting, so perhaps her head is off the chopping block. The tribe definitely is rankled by Tyrone’s take-charge attitude (and probably the chicken), so we think probably it’s Ty going home.

The Vote
We only see Ty vote for NaOnka, which means it’s probably going to be him. The votes go NaOnka, Tyrone, Tyrone, NaOnka, Tyrone, Tyrone, Tyrone. Yep.

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