brenda lowe survivor 'Survivor: Nicaragua's' Brenda Lowe: 'Don't listen to Jeff ... I was fighting hard'“Survivor: Nicaragua” saw Brenda Lowe get the boot due to Holly and Jane’s conspiring against her. She tells Zap2it that she loved her time on the show and that she really did have a strategy going into her final Tribal Council.

Did you enjoy “Survivor”? Was it everything you hoped it would be?

“Yeah, I loved ‘Survivor.’ I love the game. Of course, it’s probably the most miserable experience too because you’re not eating, all the obvious things. I loved it, I enjoyed it. I hated it what happened yesterday but I loved it.”

You were criticized last night for not fighting harder — why didn’t you?

“There was a strategy behind it and that’s why it was so frustrating in Tribal Council because this is my strategy — my only hope was to have Sash give me the Idol. That was my angle for staying in the game. So I’m trying to convince Sash and Chase that they were targeting me because we were all together. If they take me out, they’re targeting you. You can’t trust them. What will you do when one of your numbers is gone? I wanted Sash to trust me enough to give me the Idol. I’m going to use it and stay loyal to them, so it’s an advantage to them to keep me in the game.”

“If I had scrambled, then they would’ve seen they can’t trust me. Sash would’ve looked at me and wondered what I was doing. I kept on trying to show them it was the right decision to keep me. The other people want me gone, so I don’t want to play with them, I want you to play with you guys. I’m still upset about what Jeff was implying at Tribal Council and what he was making my actions look like. It didn’t make sense for me to scramble. I had to look like I was loyal to Sash and Chase, which I was. But I fought the whole time. Why would I give up at the last second? There was still hope, a tiny bit, but my hope was in that Idol.” 

So many strong women like yourself keep getting voted off, why do you think strong women have such a hard time on “Survivor”?

“There are strong women still left in the game, except maybe Kelly Purple — she’s just not that invested. But we all have our strengths and it’s just numbers. I think it was more of a coincidence than anything. Kelly B., Alina, Jill, their downfall was more that they didn’t’ have the right alliance. They didn’t have the numbers and the social part was not there. They just didn’t make the right choices and alliances — I can say the same thing about me. [laughs] I think it was just a coincidence.”

Now that you’ve been able to watch the show back, did anything or anyone surprise you?

“I didn’t know just how vicious NaOnka was towards Kelly B. — towards just about everybody, actually. More importantly, and this is the reason I left the game, I didn’t realize how hard people were playing the game. I underestimated people like Holly and Benry and that’s why I’m here. That was a big eye-opener for me.”

Who were you rooting for once you were eliminated?

“The person that really stood out for me when I was eliminated was Benry. I didnt’ know that he was so into the take-out-Brenda thing, but at the same time he was good competition. Benry was calculating since the minute I saw him and he was starting to really show how strong he was physically in the challenges. We had a a lot of respect for each other around camp. I didn’t feel betrayed by him, but I rooted for him.”

Any final thoughts or messages to your fans?

“The biggest thing is don’t listen to Jeff. I wanted to be in the game, I was fighting hard. There was a reason why I did what I did, why I chose that route, and there was an intelligence and a strategy behind it that Jeff couldn’t see at that moment and I really couldn’t explain right then. I wanted it so badly since the minute I set foot out there, since the minute I found out I was going to be on the show. It was a dream come true to be on ‘Survivor.’ I fought hard and I feel like I gave it my all and I definitely did not give up.”

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