sash lenahan survivor finale 'Survivor: Nicaragua's' Sash Lenahan: Dan 'was jealous that I made it to the end'Smiling, sneaky Sash Lenahan had burned too many bridges to garner any votes Sunday night (Dec. 19) on the “Survivor: Nicaragua” finale. He tells Zap2it that he thought he played the best strategic game and how he feels about Dan’s harsh words for him and Chase.

Why eliminate Holly before the final three?

“Ya know, at that point you can’t win the game unless you’re in the final tribal, so I thought if I put on a good performance I had a shot at beating any of the remaining players. At that point I just wanted to get myself to the end and that was to go with whatever Fabio wanted, so it was an easy choice for me.”

Did you think you had a shot to win going into the final vote?

“Yes, I did. I think I played the most textbook game of ‘Survivor.’ I don’t regret anything. I had a great game, but we’re in kind of a new era of ‘Survivor.’ I think if I would’ve played my same game seven or eight years ago, I would’ve walked away with a million dollars.  I underestimated a few people on the jury. I thought they would’ve respected the game enough to give the best strategist their votes. I have to give him credit, Fabio deserved to win. He came out with a strategy I’ve never seen before. He surprised me, I think he surprised everybody. He’s very deserving of the million dollars.”

If you hadn’t been in the final three, who would you have given the money to out of Chase, Holly and Fabio?

“I probably would’ve given my vote to Fabio as well because at that point he wouldn’t have back-stabbed me. But beyond that, he employed a different strategy in ‘Survivor’ I’ve never seen before. In retro, he played a great game and is very deserving of the money. I probably would’ve voted for Fabio.”

Were you surprised at Dan’s harsh words for you and Chase? Chase was surprised.

“It didn’t surprise me because I felt as though one of the main reasons why Dan did not make it to the end was because I made a strong case for us to vote him out. I was a huge factor in his departure in the game. He really wanted to make it to the end, but I didn’t think he was deserving of it. Dan held a big grudge. He was jealous that I made it to the end and he didn’t.”

Are you going to stay in touch with your fellow contestants?

“I hope to always stay in touch with my two good buddies Chase and Fabio. We went through so much together out there. I can’t imagine us ever not staying in touch. Beyond that, I think both Marty and Brenda are probably my two next closest friends from the show.”

What do you think of the “Redemption Island” twist?

“It’s an interesting twist. Being a super fan of the show, I guess I’m a little more old school in liking that once someone gets voted off, they’re off for good. This definitely adds a new twist. It’s going to be great from a fan’s perspective, but if you’re in that game, it’ll obviously be pretty nerve-wracking.”

Any final thoughts/messages to your fans?

“I played this game with all my heart and I don’t regret a single thing. I think I played a great game. It’s such an amazing experience meeting all these great people from all different walks of life. Overall, it was just an amazing experience.”

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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