yve rojas survivor 'Survivor: Nicaragua's' Yve Rojas: 'Really hoping to see Marty and Jill go deep'Yve Rojas fell victim to a double elimination on “Survivor: Nicaragua” and she tells Zap2it that she hopes to see an Espada member as the ultimate survivor. Read our exit Q&A with fellow eliminee Kelly Bruno here.

Are you glad you did “Survivor”?

“I’m so glad I did “Survivor” and so grateful that I was invited to participate. So often we say we can do something, but we rarely follow through and this was one of those times that I thought, ‘Wow, I’m goign to have a little bit of perseverance to show my girls that their mom is a go-getter.’ It was much more brutal than people could ever know without actually having the opportunity to go out there and fight for themselves in the game, but I’d do it again.”

What did you think of the initial division between the tribes, older versus younger?

“I actually thought the tribe division [of older/younger] was pretty great, it was an amazing tribe. Aging is something we all go through — I’m over 40 and I’m loving it. I had to make my physical abilities known, make it known I was a value to the tribe, but I never thought it was a disadvantage.”

Were you surprised to be left out of the vote to get rid of Tyrone?

“I was definitely surprised. The perception was that we were aligned, which was not the case. I had never been aligned with Tyrone. I knew I had to have the individual immunity idol. Going back to camp I knew I was going to be a target because of the misconceptions the others had. I knew it was on an uphill battle, but I went at it with all the endurance I had left in me.”

Who were you rooting for once you were kicked off?

“I was really hoping to see Marty and Jill go deep. I really admired everything that Jane had done out there. As a woman, just to watch her, learn from her, she’s someone I would love for my daughters to meet. I was definitely hoping for an Espada member to make it to the end and be the sole survivor.”

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