kim survivor one world 2 'Survivor: One World': Behind Kim's devious blue eyesCan any future episodes of “Survivor: One World” live up to the awesomeness that was Kat’s “fun and exciting” blindside. Heh. We enjoyed that just as much watching it again on the previouslies.

This episode certainly doesn’t live up to last week, but everybody sure likes talking about Kim and her big blue devious eyes.


Tarzan is seeing that perhaps he has a way into the Top 3, though we are skeptical – all the girls have to realize the guys will totally vote for him to win just because they’re bitter, right? His first play is to talk to Kim about her plan, saying her best bet is to go to the finals with Christina and Alicia. Interesting.

The next day, Chelsea lays it out for Christina why she should go with herself and Kim, and Christina immediately runs back to tell Tarzan, Alicia and Kim everything Chelsea said. Kim is nervous – she’s playing both sides and this could very easily blow right up in her face.

Reward Challenge

They collect discs, form a decoder and solve a combination box. The reward is a yacht day, including sleeping there. Nice. Getting the discs involves spinning around and around, so everybody gets really dizzy. It’s pretty hilarious. I would probably vomit, I don’t do dizzy very well.

Chelsea ends up winning, so now it’s strategery time. Chelsea says she’s going to play it fair and picks Sabrina because she hasn’t had much food so far. But then her second choice is Kim. Not sure leaving Tarzan, Christina and Alicia alone is the best idea, lady. Hmph. And picking Kim is not a good idea.

The reward is amazing. AH-mazing. And of course, the three left behind are not happy with her picking Kim, who gets rewards all the time. The three of them agree to vote off Chelsea and they think they need Kim to go with them. If Kim were smart, she’d do it. Chelsea is a threat – she’s well-liked, she’s tough, she’s pretty. 

Tarzan also makes his play to go Final 3 with Christina and Alicia, telling them he thinks Kim is double-dealing and aligned with Chelsea. Christina says to Alicia she thinks Kim will get more votes in the finals than Tarzan. Uh, really?

You know, sometimes juries reward the devious game play, but they seem to do it more when it comes from a man. If Kim were a man, she’d be golden. But she’s a woman who played all the men and they will more than likely be a bunch of bitter jerks who give Tarzan the money because he’s the last man standing. I would bet my next paycheck if he’s in the Final 3, it goes that way.

When Kim gets back, she does some good damage control with Alicia by telling her that he’ll end up winning and that Tarzan is playing them all. Kim is so smart. She totally deserves to win this season, y’all. Then Christina joins in and they all kind of rejoice at figuring Tarzan out.

Immunity Challenge

The challenge involves using fish hooks to retrieve puzzle pieces, then completing a fish-skeleton puzzle. All with one hand tied behind their backs.

Chelsea falls way behind, but everybody else is pretty much in it. Alicia and Kim are down to the wire, but Alicia pulls out her first individual win. Good for her, that’s great. Now it’s just a matter of Chelsea vs. Tarzan. If I were these girls, I’d get Tarzan out NOW.

Pre Tribal

Uh, after the challenge, Tarzan comes back to camp and says, “You b****. How dare you beat me” and then slams the challenge for not even being athletic. Wow. I mean, he seems to be kidding, but jeezus, dude. That is ugly.

Meanwhile, Kim is working on the girls to get Tarzan out and save Chelsea without completely showing her hand and she’s honest with Chelsea about it. Kim knows she can’t keep playing for two people at this point. The plinky-plunky strains of friendship play, but Chelsea takes it like a champ. She knows how it goes.

Tribal Council

Kat sure looks pretty all gussied up, but she’s got quite the Sour Barbie thing going on. Anyway, when Jeff asks Tarzan why he’s still there, he says it’s because he helped the ladies get rid of the guys. Wow. I’m not sure that was the best thing to say – at a Final 3 jury situation, you could always say you had nothing to do with it. But to come right out and admit it? Maybe Tarzan wouldn’t get the votes I think he would at Final 3.

Tarzan then talks about how he’s a millionaire, so perhaps he is just slyly making his case to the women on why to take him. Sabrina points out he could still win just because the men don’t want a woman to win. Yeah, wow. Tarzan is tricky. I still think I’d take him out and not risk the men voting for him.

The reward choice comes up and Kat’s choices last week are brought up and Kat calls them all “b****es.” She’s such a brat. Seriously, she’s an ugly person and I hope this show helped her grow up a little.

Tarzan insists he’s not playing anybody, but the girls are right to be suspicious. He’s a devious man and he’s very smart.
During the vote, we only see Chelsea vote for Tarzan, which probably means she’s going home. The votes go Chelsea (and Kat whispers “Goodbye, Chelsea”), Tarzan, Tarzan, Tarzan and Tarzan.

I’m sad to see him go, Tarzan’s hilarious. His exit speech is wonderful. But that was a good play on the women’s part.

As Jeff says, may the best woman win. Have we seen an all-female Final 5 before? I’d have to look. Maybe the year the women tricked that stupid long-haired blonde dude to give up Immunity?

Sunday: The three-hour finale. Go Kim! She deserves it, she’s playing a masterful game.

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