kim slide survivor 'Survivor: One World': Kim vs. Troyzan   which mastermind comes out on top?“Survivor: One World” is still Troyzan vs. The Women – can he pull off a huge upset?

Reward Challenge

It sounds like it’s a case of the winner getting to pick people to take with them and Kim smartly identifies that sending Troy, Alicia and Christina back to camp together would be a mistake. When they get to the challenge, Alicia hilariously says she has crazier hair than her dummy – yes, she does. She looks like the wildling lady who looks after Bran on “Game of Thrones.”

The challenge is answering questions about the tribemates. Then you guess what the group said as a whole. When you get one right, you get to chop someone’s rope. Every rope has three chops and then it drops their dummies into the fire. The winner gets a picnic.

Question 1 is who does not deserve to still be here – group says Christina. Kim, Chelsea and Troy get it right. Kim chops Troy, Chelsea chops Tarzan and Troy chops Kat. Question 2 is trust with your life – Kim wins. Christina chops Chelsea, Chelsea chops Troy, Alicia chops Troy and he’s out.

Question 3 is who most needs a wake-up call in life – group says Kat. Um, yes. Where is the appendix again? She takes it in stride, though. Tarzan and Chelsea get taken out. Question 4 is who is the biggest poser – Troyzan is the answer and almost everyone gets it right. Question 5 is who does the least for the tribe – Sabrina is the answer. Kat and Sabrina are taken out.

Question 6 is who would you most like to be stranded with – answer is Kim. Christina is taken out. Question 7 is who do you hope to never see again after the game – Troy is the answer and Kim wins the challenge.

Those challenges are always fun. Kim chooses Alicia and Chelsea to go with her, which Troyzan then says is very revealing as to who is in charge. That may or may not be true, but it’s good strategy on his part to say that. Kat is super mad she didn’t get chose by Kim, which – read the room, Kat. Kim and Chelsea are thick as thieves and you are a doofus if you are just now noticing.

While on the reward, Kim is a little worried about leaving all the rest of castaways alone. They know they need to do some serious damage control when they get back. And back at camp, that’s exactly what is going on. Kat is bitching and moaning about not being picked and Troyzan is taking advantage by pointing out that this is about strategy on Kim’s part.

He’s very smart, it’s hard not to hope he pulls a fast one, though Kim is a pretty great person to root for too – she’s been very smart as well. It’s kind of a shame they aren’t working together. That’d be fun to watch.

Kat is so ridiculous – she’s crying because Troyzan pointed out to her that Kim, Chelsea and Alicia are the final three. She needs to wise up, instead of crying about how “it’s not true, it’s not true.” Seriously, Kat. Grow up. Sabrina realizes that Troyzan is being very savvy and that Kat is a hot mess. Sabrina decides to pow-wow with Troyzan and Christina about it and they say they only need one girl to turn to flip the game on Kim.

Sabrina might not be flipping, but she’s curious to see who will flip and Christina shows her hand like *that*. She’s so ready to flip and Sabrina doesn’t like it. That Sabrina, she’s a smart cookie too.

When the girls get back, Kat is still a total wreck. She’s pouting and mad and doesn’t know what to do. Kim takes her off to do damage control, but for as smart as Kim is, she doesn’t play it very well – she’s acting like her day has been so hard, which is not going to curry any favor. Kim has no reason for choosing Chelsea over Kat over than the fact that she likes Chelsea better than Kat. And she just really displayed that. Kim may have made a huge misstep and she is not mitigating the damages at all.

The Pig Hunt

During a storm, a fairly large pig wanders into camp and everybody flips out, like they’re gonna capture it. I’m rooting for the pig – run, piggy! Run! These people are not that hungry. And they are screaming like it’s going to spear them with its massive tusks – which it does not have. Seriously, the pig is also not running away very smartly. RUN PIG!

The Immunity Challenge

It’s slip ‘n slide meets ring toss. Fun. Chelsea and Alicia start and they are absolutely terrible. They barely run and then they just flop down like beached whales. Lame, girls. Chelsea wins and advances. Kat vs. Sabrina are next – Sabrina is much better at the slide, but Kat nails the ring toss and advances. Troyzan vs. Tarzan sees Troy get to the toss first, but Tarzan wins. The girls are ecstatic. Poor Troyzan. It must be so sucky to be cheered against all the time.

Christina vs. Kim – Christina is terrible and has some blurry crotch action. Kim advances. Kat vs. Chelsea and Kim vs. Tarzan put Kim vs. Chelsea in the finals, with Kim winning. She really earned that one – she kicked butt on that challenge.

Pre Tribal

Well, the game isn’t going to be flipped on Kim this week. There really is not much suspense that anyone is going home other than Troyzan, though they are suspicious he has the Idol and so they have to split the vote. Kim strategizes with Kat and Sabrina to throw two votes Christina’s way. But Kat doesn’t like being told what to do.

She’s frustrated that nobody thinks she’s running the show – well, you’re not, sweetie. Nobody thinks that because it’s not true.

Meanwhile, Sabrina TELLS Christina that they are throwing two votes her way, which is – *headsmack* What are you thinking?! She assures Christina that she’s not going home, but she has to know that if Troy has the Idol, which is the whole reason they’re splitting the votes, then she IS going home. Duh.

Sabrina thinks Christina didn’t process that information and then it kind of seems like she actually didn’t figure that out right away. Holy crap. But finally she talks to Troy and seems to slowly be putting the puzzle pieces together, while the delightful sound editors play this plunky-ploddy music to imply how slow Christina is.

Christina tells Troy she’ll vote for Chelsea and then spills the beans that she’s the person whose name is being written down – and Troy is ecstatic because that’s all he needs to know! Oh. My. God.

So Troy approaches Kat about voting out Christina. The problem is nobody cares about Christina. Kat won’t flip for somebody that inconsequential, I don’t think.

Tribal Council

Jeff tries to stir up trouble by asking if the six women have determined who is no. 6, who is no. 5, etc. etc. The women definitely reveal some cracks in their alliance, but we already knew about that.

Jeff turns the talk to the reward and Kim kind of sticks her foot in her mouth by calling the reward “a nightmare” because she had to choose. Kat talks about being worried she’s a weak player and a follower.

During the vote we only see Troy vote for Christina, Christina vote for Chelsea and Kim vote for Troyzan. Huh. The girls are relieved to see that Troy does not play an Idol and then votes go Chelsea, Troy, Troy, Troy, Christina, Christina, Christina and … Troy. Bummer.

He made a good run, but yeah – once the tribes merged, those women totally played the men like fiddles. I hope Kim goes all the way, she has played a nearly flawless game.

Next week: Can anyone stop Kim? I’m not sure they can.

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