survivor challenge one worl 'Survivor: One World': The women finally get it togetherThe women finally get it together on “Survivor: One World”!

Post Tribal

A huge storm rolls in and the guys offer to let the women come to their shelter, but the girls say they’ll wait to see how it goes. Uh, are you serious? I would’ve been jumping on that offer! You need all the rest you can get, tribe that can’t win anything. Then in the morning, they are sad about being cold and tired and having no fire and therefore no food. Uh, who’s fault is that?

When Matt comes back from crab hunting (so, he feels like he’s back at the frat house), he’s quite annoyed the girls are over there trying to dry off by their fire.

Reward Challenge

It’s raining again, yuck. The challenge is a memory test. Each person faces off with an opposite tribe member, they are shown six items in order and then must replicate the order first. Winners get a point, first team to five points wins fishing gear and a canoe.

We started to recap this challenge, but uh … the women have a clean sweep. The men don’t ever get on the board. Ha! Good for the ladies.

Back at camp, the women can’t make a fire … because their magnesium bar is inside a coconut, which is damp? What? That makes no sense. The men are getting pretty sick of the women asking them for stuff, so they want to use the canoe at some point, but the women don’t want to let them. Well, then stop mooching! You moochers.

One of them actually says, “We’re girls. We’re not meant to be beaten down this well.” OH. MY. GOD. Was that Kat? Bet that was Kat.

But the next day, they catch some fish and have fire and things are all rosy again.

Immunity Challenge

It’s one of those great blindfolded ones where two people are tied together and have to find a bag of puzzle pieces. There’s one caller for each team and Sabrina is sucking at her job as caller, which gives the men a HUGE lead to work on their puzzle.

After the blindfolded portion, Sabrina actually catches up on the puzzle and then pulls out a win (she gets some major help from her teammates). Wow, that was impressive. I actually cheered right out loud for them. Sorry, guys. I just love an underdog. Plus, girl power!

Pre Tribal

Colton gets a little ugly about calling Bill “ghetto trash” and pushing hard with his “misfits alliance” to get Bill out, though everybody else wants uber-Alpha male out Matthew out. They also bring Jay into the fold because they all like him and think he shouldn’t have aligned with the frat boys so quickly. He can read the room, so he goes with them. He doesn’t really have a choice.

Matt sticks his nose into the group discussion and tries to find out what’s what, then takes Troy aside and tries to get him over to the “rooster” alliance (why doesn’t he just say “c***” alliance) and Troy pretends to go along with it, but he’s not buying it and tells the misfits what Matt tried to do.

They would be foolish to get rid of anybody but Matt at this point.

Tribal Council

Colton just blurts out that he has an Idol. Oh my god, dude! What is wrong with you?! THEN! He just goes on and on about how much he loves the women and how nurturing they are and whatnot. But he insists he won’t vote with them. Hmm. He is a smart guy, but he needs to dial it down a little.

The Vote

…. there’s a guy named Jonas? Heh. We love early on in this show when we don’t recognize half these people. Anyway, we don’t see any votes. Then they go: Colton, Bill, Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt and Matt. Good decision, men.

Next week: There’s some kidn of betrayal! And Matt makes himself feel better in his exit interview by saying he was such a threat. Well, that, and nobody liked you because you were kind of a bossy jerk.

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